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  1. zx360

    Hoping for help

    Yup, ill post something later with what happens.
  2. zx360

    Hoping for help

    i greatly appreciate it. ;D
  3. zx360

    Hoping for help

    awesome, where did you get it?
  4. zx360

    Hoping for help

    i know but there isnt anything larger out there or i could do it myself. Google search brings that as the largest image. :- oh well
  5. zx360

    Where to buy vinyl

    i used beacon graphics for a while... but every order got messed up, i now only order through fellers or a local supplier.
  6. zx360

    I just started...

    How wide/ tall are those numbers? everything looks awesome!
  7. zx360

    Hoping for help

    if it was for a client i would, but for just something just for fun for my dad id pass on that.
  8. zx360

    Hoping for help

    thanks ive done that with no luck also :-
  9. zx360

    Hoping for help

    My father wants one of these for his truck but i cant seem to get a clean enough image and cant find anything larger online. Can anyone help or happen to have a cutable version? i really appreciate it
  10. zx360

    just started sandblasting...

    anyone have suggestions on where to get blank shot glasses and mirrors? also idea on pricing for things like small mirrors and shot glasses?
  11. zx360

    Playing around with black vinyl

    I love it! we need a few of these around here we are always practicing and my father is a horrible shot with the 22
  12. zx360

    just started sandblasting...

    yup, i got rid of the mirrored backing in the areas i painted.
  13. zx360

    just started sandblasting...

    means that the image was sand blasted and color added from behind so the face of the mirror was smooth.
  14. zx360

    just started sandblasting...

    thanks everyone...
  15. zx360

    just started sandblasting...

    thanks a ton tom, gives me some ideas what to charge too. I have a few people already wanting mirrors and things.