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  1. bigbrad

    Now were Blasting

    When you build your blast room buld it where you stand on the outside and shoot there is no reason to be on the inside
  2. bigbrad

    I want to try this again

    Corel is up to 14
  3. I get $25 for a 25 oz. mug. $20 for a wineglass. $15 for a coffe cup. My cost for the wineglass and the beer mug is a dollar and the coffee cups are $1.85 to $2.50
  4. I felt that I needed to add this--I am not saying that what the person that put the info on the forum isn't true, what I am saying is that there is two sides to every issue and we have only heard one. What should have happened is that this should not have been on the forum at all. What happened was a business transaction nothing more, nothing less and if one party didn't use common business practices then it turns into buyer beware.
  5. The forum has nothing to do with transactions between the users of the forum.
  6. bigbrad

    Need help with this dragon fly.

    Try this one Dragon Fly.eps Dragon Fly.eps
  7. bigbrad

    printing from corel 4x

  8. bigbrad

    Wine Glasses

    what would you charge for shooting 3 words on a wine glass?
  9. The best thing to do is remove it and get another program
  10. bigbrad

    zipped files

    A zip file is a file that has been compressed you have to what they call unzip it or extract it before you can use can buy winzip or you can go online and download a free one. The one I use is called Zip It Free
  11. bigbrad

    trying to identify this font

    It looks like one of the Varsity Fonts
  12. bigbrad

    Evolution Of Man Sticker

    This site has it
  13. bigbrad

    Boba Fett

    what is a boba fett?