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  1. We have a brand new Hotronix pro
  2. We do both Vinyl and transfer on tshirts. We are told 302 degrees for 15 secs and the vinyl and 350-360 for 30 sec for transfers on opaque and standard tansfer for light colored shirts. Problem one: vinyl is peeling problem two: opaque transfer is cracking the transfers for white/light shirts no problem yet. what do you suggest and what can I do different so this doesn't happen? Thanks JIBR
  3. I need help. I need to learn how to vectorize pictures, logos and so on and I do not know where to start. I don't want anyone doing it for me, I want some one to teach me, lead the way and show me how it is done and what I need to do to learn. I;'ve downloaded tools such as sign cut, corel draw, inkscape, flexi and so on and so on. I have some up coming orders to vector sports logos as is and I need to learn ASAP. All help is appreciated! Thank you, Brenda/Jiri JIBR
  4. I am trying to get the best price because he wants the best price and he is plannign to order more than likey 1000 t-shirts from us. He wants AA shirts with three peices of artwork on them for $8 or less each. LOL so when I find a wholesale company who is for real I would not have a problem making an account with them and using them, thuis far they're all the same......... I will look into what you siggested though maybe that will work. I dont know why he is stuck on AA shirts but whatever he wants with in reason. Thank you
  5. thanks everyone I will share this with my partner......
  6. Wow! Thank you for the responses. OK so this guy wants a small 2x2 art work on the inside of the back of the shirt, an 8x8 size art work on the front that goes from one nipple to the other in width and the last piece of art is at the RH bottom of the hip. So in all This guy wants three pieces of artwork on American Apparel shirts and says he can get these for $8-9 each and if he was to go with Gildan shirts he can get them for about $5 with all that artwork with up to 2-4 colors and he has not specified exactly how many shirts he wants so I cannot base this on he is buying for sure 100-500 or 1000 shirts so this is our concern. We are trying to be fair but this seems a lot of work for nothing. I do see where someone suggested charging fees for all the specifics then give them the t-shirts for practically no profit? When you say screen print are you speaking of silk screen? Thanks again, Brenda
  7. How can anyone make a profit from charging $7 for a t-shirt? Where is this person getting his t-shirts from so cheap that he makes a profit charging only $7. Or he isn't making a profit, he's making relations for future business? Please explain because if there is a way to get shirts for 50 cents or a 1.00 then tell me. If not, I am no understanding when my cost is $5 min. Thank you, Ps the only overhead is my partner and myself. At present we have no employees therefore our time is free. The cost is the vinyl, or ink and transfer sheets and t-shirts. about $5 as I said.
  8. I have so many questions being new to this business, I am grateful for all you who are experienced and know when to say now of stick to you guns and say this is my final offer. If I pay say $3 for a shirt and it costs me approximately $1-$2 for each transfer or vinyl art piece what would be a fair amount of money to ask for a t-shirt if one is being purchased, 100, 500 or even say 1000 shirts because this is a possibility. If our costs round out to about $5-$6 dollars and we charge say $15/$20 for one T-shirt what would or should I be charging for the amounts I posted at a wholesale price? Thank you Brenda
  9. jibr

    Vectoizing a picture

    Thank you......I appreciate the help. Brenda
  10. Hi I have a customer who's wanting "tagless" T-shirts and American Apparel. We are looking for the best wholesale place on the web or a contact number who can give us a quote on T-shirts without filling out paper work and creating an account first. We want to know what the cost will be and where is the best place to buy wholesale from? Currently we work with Jiffytshirts and love them but they do not carry American Apparel. Please help! Brenda
  11. Thanks everyone I appreciate your replies..... This is helpful and I will pass this on to my partner. Brenda
  13. jibr

    Vectoizing a picture

    Can we get this picture vectorized? What do we have to do? Thank you, JIBR
  14. jibr

    arcing text on FLEXI

    Hi, we have flexi 8.5 Starter we called support they tried to get us to arc the text but then the guy realized or said we d not have this option so he sent me to Inkscape and said I can arc or make text curve. Great program for sure however even with the directions three of us could not figure this out. Who knows IF I can Arc text and what do I need to do in Flexi? Who knows anything about Inkscape and how to curve or arc the text there? Either is fine it don't matter to me I want to learn HOW.... this for us has been a popular request we haven't been successful with. We dont want our customers settling because we cant do it or ge tour equipment to do it. Thank you, Brenda
  15. Hi, we would appreciate input on a customer we have. Currently we offer Gildan shirts, heavy 100% cotton preshrunk/prewashed, etc. He is requesting American Apparel which is sustancially different in price. He insists on this shirt, said it is best. Ok, no problem. The work he wants on the shirts are : 1 on the inside of the shirt near the neckline about 1x1 or 2x2 in size, 2 an approx 8x8 graphic that goes from nipple to nipple and down 3 a small graphic about 3x3 on the rh or lh bottom of the shirt. He is from Canada and said he KNOWS he can get Gildan T-shirts complete with all this work for about $5-$7 each. Hmmmmm Then I said OK we're talking a difference between the brands, a whole $2-$3 difference and basically he is saying he thinmks he can or has gotten quotes for under $10. Hmmm again! We want an opinion......He is looking to order between 200 and 1000 shirts and then some from us. What do we do? How do we handle a demanding customer. Consider, everything is bought in US, paid for in US dollars although the difference between the monies is about a nickle, however wit big orders like this we do not charge their PST and GST taxes of 13% on the sale and if at all MI 6% sales tax. He could be a loyal customer and offer us references for others to be our customers so I do not want to be overly cocky......but I would like to make some money too.... Thanks Brenda