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  1. Anyone have any tips on superimposting wall lettering on to photos? I am mostly wanting ideas of where to find photos I can use without a lot of background on the wall areas so I can show samples of how the letting will look on a wall. I have PSP 9 - but only know enough to get by. Thanks for any suggestons. CB
  2. cbauer50

    Tips? Packaging window decals

    <<i would use selofan bags and the atacce a labele on top >> I know how I want to package them, but I was looking more for tips on cutting them out so they are all nice and even. CB
  3. cbauer50

    Tips? Packaging window decals

    yes, they are small - they are stick people for car windows.
  4. cbauer50

    Tips? Packaging window decals

    That's about what I was thinking, Mike - just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas. It's always nice to hear of others' ideas. Thanks. CB
  5. cbauer50

    Tips? Packaging window decals

    probably about 3" x 5-1/2"
  6. cbauer50

    Tips? Packaging window decals

    I am creating some window decals I will be selling. I am struggling to try to figure out how to cut them out after I have my application tape applied. I have a paper cutter, but is there any tricks to get them cut out so they are perfectly square/rectangles? I will print a bunch of them across my vinyl, apply the transfer tape. Next step to cut them apart. Hope this makes sense. Any suggestions? Thanks. CB
  7. cbauer50

    Oracal 631 & 641 questions

    Can you use Oracal 631 for car window stickers? I know it has a shorter life span, but will it work just the same as the 641? I want to make some stick people decals. Can you use Oracal 641 for inside walls? I want to make some wall sayings. Is the 641 harder to remove from walls than 631, or is the 641 just for outdoors? Thanks. CB
  8. I guess I didn't call it the right thing. It's called the knife up/knife down arrow keys. See image below. #'s 2 & 3 I don't understand what these 2 actually do. Thanks. CB
  9. One thing I am still confused about is the up/down button on the machine for the blade. When would I use that - instead of adjusting the pressure? Does it lower/raise the blade holder? Can someone explain this to me. Thanks. CB
  10. Update on my mess. I readjusted my blade and printed out "test" in a font about 2" high on the BGS vinyl (that's the only vinyl I have besides the 2 rolls of QuicKutz I bought at the craft store). I had to lower my pressure to about 70 and was able to make a nice cut. 70 seems so low. (I had it at 110 before I adjusted my blade - for the BGS). I then put in the QuicKutz and cut the same "test" file. It cut through the vinyl. This is a lot thinner than the BGS stuff. I think it's more for the scrapbook people. I lowered the pressure to 60 and was able to cut without it cutting all the way through, but it didn't do a clean cut. A lot of the letters had little areas where when I pulled off the excess, it pulled the letter up also. So I guess I can't use this vinyl with my cutter. I kept increasing the pressure 1 or 2 at a time and it kept doing the same thing (pulling the letters up along with the excess). By the time I was able to get a clean cut, it was at the point where it was starting to cut through the backing. Just wanted to update my dilemma. Thanks for all the help. CB
  11. <<actually the BGS vinyl is great for practice vinyl, and throw it away. but that is about it,, you need to get a better quality vinyl, it you are going to sell it. >> I am a far way from even thinking about selling anything! LOL I don't like the BGS I bought (sampler package) anyway - I don't care for the shiny vinyl. Actually, like I said before, I should have just bought a craft robo - my intentions really aren't to sell anything - it's more for personal/fun use. Carol
  12. Here's an image of my blade. I guess it's out too far, because it's sure not 1/2 of credit card. So if it should be 1/2 credit card depth, then it would barely be sticking out. CB
  13. I cut the same file out on the BGS vinyl and it cut okay. Actually, I don't think it cute it deep enough on the BGS vinly though as I have a harder time weeding it than what I think it should be (according to the videos I've watched on youtube). Once I can get it started, it peels away easily, but I have a hard time getting it started. I've tried a dental pick and also an exacto knife. I am using Signblazer. I really don't want to post the file because it is copyrighted, but would be willing to send it to someone privately to check it. CB
  14. Okay - I was pretty happy that I was able to cut out something pretty decent over the weekend with my Creation PCut. I had bought a role of vinyl at Crafts Direct (a huge craft store in our area). It is call "Quic Kutz" and they sell it for the Cricut, Craft Robo, Silhouette machines. I tried cutting out a stick figure. First I did the test rectangle and it came out perfect (see image). So I proceeded to cut the stick figure. Look at the mess. Why would it cut out a test rectangle prefect but cut completely through the backing on the real thing? It chewed it up pretty bad. I didn't know if I can turn of the machine while it's cutting, so just held my breath until it was done. Can I turn the machine off in the middle of a cutting job? I had to increase the pressure to 125 to get the good test cut, but it looks like it is too much. Also - I'm still confused about the button on the machine for the down/up arrow for the blade. Does it just lower the whole blade holder - or how does that actually work. I am beginning to think I maybe should have just bought a craft robo to start with. Anyone looking for a good deal on a Creation PCut, let me know. CB