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  1. I have a customer whos looking for 500 oval shape(cut) 6"x3" , single color (red) stickers. To cling to inside of window. I don't have the capability to lay down white to make it pop, so I'm looking to get a quote on outsourcing it. If you can and interested, send me a quote to rick@ramy-grafx.com Thanks
  2. Looking for any feedback on the Mutoh ValueJet 1204PLUS 48 in Printer that you may have to offer. Such as cost of operation, maintenance issues, it's plus's and it's minus's. Thanks Rick
  3. ramy

    Decal not sticking to paint! Help

    I also, just ran into this. Would the seal it pen work?
  4. ramy

    Pumpkin Question

    Will Vinyl stick to a pumpkin? Had a nursing home call for black facial decals to be used for the residence to put on pumpkins. I have never tried this before. Thanks!
  5. I need 2 decals printed(cupcakes and ice cream cone) and contoured cut on outdoor vinyl for a lighted car topper. each one is 10"x5", anyone interested in such a small job? Located in St Louis Mo
  6. about a year or so ago, I came across a topic on here in regards to IMAGECUT in SB. The person who wrote it did a "In Memory Of" his grandfather where he took a picture of his grandfather and imagecut it in SB. From what I remember it turned out pretty nice and he had posted some settings he used. I was trying to find that post, but haven't had any luck. Does anyone remember that post? Or has anyone done much with the imagecut in SB and feel like sharing. Thanks Rick
  7. I am looking for some feedback as to whether getting a pad printer is worth the investment to add to my offerings. I've had some customers inquire about imprinting on golf balls, pens, thumb drives...etc Looks like its about a 2k-2.5k investment. All feedback is welcome Thanks Rick
  8. I have a customer inquiring for magnets to be used for "Save The Date" for their daughters wedding. Will have a picture of the lucky couple and some verbage. Will be used for people to put on their fridge. If anyones interested, let me know. Thanks Rick
  9. Can you buy fabric material at local fabric stores to sublimate on? Have a co-worker who is making a quilt out of her sons sports jersey's she kept over the years and wanted to take a few pictures and put them on fabric to incorporate into the quilt. I'm thinking that sublimating quilt patchs would be the best option, but wasn't sure if you can just purchase white polyester material from a fabric store ? Any feedback would be greatly appreicated. Thanks
  10. I have some picture frames for sublimation that I need to get done asap and my clam shell heat press won't do them properly as they are too thick, I'm getting ready to order a swing away one, but it won't be here in time. Thanks Rick
  11. I saw signewarehouse had these on clearance for $499, anyone have any feedback they would like to share?
  12. ramy

    Mutoh Prism Printers

    Totally agree. The support that can be provided is totally worth it. Thats what I'm looking at now, I can get a used printer at what seems a good price, but when you start looking at consumables such as printheads/inks and some of the other wear and tear items, that good price good inflate very fast. Where as I can get the same printer(refurbished) from a dealer with a 1 year warranty cheaper than the good deal printer if you have to replace things fairly soon. Depends on if luck is on your side or not.
  13. I saw a Mutoh PrismJet Extra printer on ebay and it indicates that the printheads need to be replaced. When I looked at Signewarehouse, they had this speel about not buying used printers and indicate that these need to be done by a technician and depending on location could cost upwards to $2000. Is that really the case?
  14. ramy

    Printer DPI

    Thanks for the replies, appreciate it.
  15. ramy

    Printer DPI

    Just curious as to what the std dpi is being used on banners and posters? I know the higher the dpi the better the graphics(assuming the resolution is high on the graphics). Thanks