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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if anybody has tried to use vinyl master software to cut on a Silhouette cutting machine. I have a Portrait that i want to use as a mobile cutter . The program recognizes the cutter and will cut but will not lift the blade so all movement of the blade is cutting. i have VinylMaster DRS Thanks
  2. SBE 6 keyspan?

    My SC Cutter will not work with a Keyspan with version 6 basic, however it will work with the straight USB cable anybody else have this problem?
  3. Import Export

    Great thanks, How about from scalp to SB?
  4. Import Export

    Can you import and export between signblazer and scalp pro?
  5. Drop Shade with a Void?

    Sorrry but do not understand ? What is the eyeball?
  6. Drop Shade with a Void?

    BINGO That's it, just don't cut the white and you have a perfect void. Thank you Monkey
  7. Drop Shade with a Void?

    Thanks djque, however i know how to do the arch what was wondering if scalp will do a drop shade with a void, the second color will be just the drop shade not letter and there should be a space between gthem
  8. can it be done in sure cut pro 3?
  9. My introduction

    Slice&Dice I need your help i cannot figure it out i must be missing a step can you be more specific. Thanks
  10. Shadow with an Offset

    How do I create a shadow with an offset? Thanks
  11. My introduction

    Thanks for the welcome form all of you. Thanks slice & dice I will DL Signblazer and give it a try
  12. My introduction

    Thanks , I do want shading for cutting not for printing
  13. My introduction

    Hello all, I just purchased my first Cutter SC 34 inch with sure cuts a lot software. I do Painted Pinstriping and lettering. I have done alot of vinyl Boat Lettering jobs, but used a another shop to do the design work and the cutting, so i have plenty of ideas of what i want to do, for example I would like do lettering with a drop shade with a void. I cannot find a easy way to do this in Sure Cuts Alot all i can do is a solid shadow, does anyone know how to do this? Thanks See attachment