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  1. I have a 2018 F150 Platinum with solid aluminum plate with the word Platinum embossed on it. I’d like to fill it with color matching vinyl. I could sure use a vector for this. Thanks. Mike
  2. mcrimm

    A little help please

    Thank you so much for the help. This forum rocks................ Mike
  3. mcrimm

    A little help please

    Thank you for the reply but I'm looking for the font Mike
  4. mcrimm

    A little help please

    Helping a friend clean up their door on a free one. Thanks
  5. mcrimm

    BBQ Sign

    Wow - this is perfect. I have a son-in-law that is crazy about hogs and BBQ. Any idea what font was used? I ran it though 'what the font' without a hit. Thanks, Mike
  6. mcrimm

    Graphtec CE5000 Bundle

    You have a good point and a different business model than I was thinking of. I was thinking of a more traditional store front, sign and graphics business rather than an e-business. I'm happy for you and other old guys - like me - that are creative and imaginative enough to re-invent themselves. I've worked in Banking for 37 years and enjoy doing things that are polar opposites of what I do all day. Keep up the good work. Mike
  7. mcrimm

    Graphtec CE5000 Bundle

    Good questions. I bought a cheap MH721 about 2 years ago and have had that time to learn the ins and outs of the trade. I wouldn't purchase the cheap cutter again as I think it is very marginal. Poor cuts, Crazy static problems that cause all sorts of troubles and noisy. I am eying the same cutter. I exclusively use Coreldraw for design and have been a dedicated Corel user for since version 2. I think it is the gold standard for design. I export to FlexiStarter for cutting. I am going to attempt to sell my cutter with 'bundle' for about 400-500 and keep the Graphtec. All the research I can find strongly recommends it. As far as making a business out of it, I don't know if you could make a decent living at it. I think competition and part timers like me really put pressures on margins. Good luck Mike
  8. mcrimm

    How do I trim (an make it actually work)

    Try back minus front and I think you will have what you want................ Mike
  9. mcrimm

    Which Application Fluid?

    I applied new hours on a few banks yesterday in 40 degree weather-751 with action tak 2 Mike
  10. mcrimm

    Airbrushing 631?

    As I am watching the Packers and Eagles, I came across the Copic Airbrush system. Looks cool but the markers are expensive. I have a traditional airbrush. What paint could I use to give some color to Oracal 631? Thanks, Mike Go Packers....
  11. mcrimm

    Help with sugar

    .....And Thanks Again Mike
  12. mcrimm

    Help with sugar

    I couldn't find it in Corel or on What the Font. Thanks in Advance Mike
  13. mcrimm

    how would you go about this

    Fun, Fun,Fun I just did a similar project for my granddaughter. Lets start with the dude and horse. First, cut the entire black background. Next cut the individual colors and overlay them on the black. I would lay this out in Coreldraw and cut with Flexistarter. The will take some time but is do-able. Good luck, Mike
  14. mcrimm

    check mark in a box

    Try clipart or wingdings. I'm not aware of any built-in checkmarks Mike
  15. mcrimm

    offset shadow..

    Here's how to do this......Duplicate your text, then place and offset behind the original text. Now select the original text which is on top. Create an outline that equals the spacing between the text and shadow. Now convert this outline to an object CTRL-SFT-Q. Now you can subtract this new outline object from the text you placed in back by selecting just the outline and the back text. (arrange shaping back-minus-front). Bingo I love Coreldraw Mike