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  1. RustyXj

    Ghost White Toner

    So I saw the video for using Ghost White toner and Forever transfer paper to make t-shirts. I decided since I had an HP CM1312mfi already I would buy some toner, directly from Ghost since US Cutter doesn't sell it for that model. Got it all set up and printed the mirrored colors like the video on US Cutters site says. Then printed the white on top. Problem is every time I print it never lines up perfectly. It always has a slight shadow. Any tips on how to fix this? I just wanna make some Shake N Bake shirts for me and my baby boy
  2. RustyXj

    Tire Decal Material Help!

    I know this is a 2 year old post but I too would be interested if anyone knows what material is used? I have a few guys asking me to make them since they charge like $30 per word for a set of 4.
  3. RustyXj

    Vehicle factory and no graphics

    I'm not sure he is really looking for logos but just the accent decals to go onto the vehicle. Essentially like racing stripes and such. I have a file somewhere around of the 2009-present Ram hood spears that I made for my truck. I will try to dig that up if you are interested.
  4. RustyXj

    working on new vector "Very Complicated"

    Was searching for Mustang and this came up. Been a while since the topic was active but do you have a picture of the final product on the car? I'd really like to see that.
  5. RustyXj

    Advertising on your vehicles

    If you are leery about vinyl on the paint, maybe get some magnetic blanks and put your logo on them. That way it's removable when you don't want it on there.
  6. RustyXj

    Drag racing graphic

    Have to show us the final product when you're done. Be interested to see how this turns out
  7. RustyXj

    Drag racing graphic

    Maybe even replace the "Pre-Stage" part with "Beat The Heat" and "Stage" with "Drag Race"
  8. RustyXj

    Drag racing graphic

    This is sorta what I was talking about. Might need some refinement, I just threw some color in. CopChristmasTree.eps
  9. RustyXj

    Drag racing graphic

    Just spit balling here. How about the Christmas Tree used for drag racing with the normal colors substituted for the red and blue cop lights?
  10. RustyXj

    Best application Tape

    X2 on 4076 RLA! I used the AT75 stuff before and it works good for layering but doesn't store well after being put onto the decal.
  11. RustyXj

    My first few shirts

    Looks good!
  12. RustyXj

    Looking for a skull hand--- handgernade

    I assume you are looking for the logo for the snowboarding gloves called Grenade Gloves? Here is what I had in mind when I read your post.
  13. RustyXj

    Cornhole boards

    I like them and had no idea cornhole was so popular either! In one of the earlier posts you said you just cut the vinyl. That last one seems a bit detailed for just cutting. Have you moved to printing them now?
  14. RustyXj

    Etching beer mugs

    I never thought of the warm water idea. Took me about 30 minutes to remove the Greenstar vinyl I used for some glasses the other day. Will keep this in mind.
  15. RustyXj

    Tailgate advertisement

    Thank you Louis & Clarke