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  1. acacia

    How do I add a printer to flexisign?

    ahh not to worry just found desktop printer thank you for reading though
  2. Hey there, Im just wondering if someone can help me with how to add a printer thats not in the list to flexisign? Thanks Dan
  3. Hey all, Im going insane with this issue Im having and really hope someone can help. I have a US Cutters 721 (well the eu cutters which I believe to be a replica) Now it works fine in signgo however im not able to get it working in Sigcut X2 trial. When I try to plot / cut anything it either doesnt do anything, or just feeds and doesnt attempt to cut anything... does anyone have any ideas with this? It must be something really simple im sure but I have spend about 5 hours solid on this to get no luck. Thanks in advance for any help Dan
  4. Hello, i am not an expert in this field by any means, but you deffinatly have to use "sublimation" inks . basically the sublimation inks when heated evaporate onto polyester / polyester coating as the inks ovaporate onto the item the polyester "pores" open up.
  5. Hi, Its not guaranteed to work and only a thought, but try having a cold bowl / bucket of water next to your press, as soon as your done put the cup into the bucket of water, this should close up the "pores" and hopefully prevent any ink travelling, if this doesnt work then maybe try a different mug supplier? Ive had issues with the cheaper mugs, decided to pay an extra 30p a mug for the quality, Ive just added 15p onto my prices and ill cover the other 15p from my profits, if its a case of losing customers then its alwas worth it. Hope the bucket of water tip helps you out, a brief reasoning why this MAY help is as followed: The poly coating on the mug is somewhat like skin, when it heats up, it opens up (like a humans pores would) and naturally when it cools down the close. If the pores remain open there is a chance of ink spreading upwards so with a bucket of water you can close them very quickly. Another reason this may occur (again just a thought) may be due to too much or too little pressure. Anyway good luck try these tips and my fingers are crossed for you.
  6. acacia

    Refine with optical Eye

    ah looks like Ive made a fool out of myself here, I should have researched I guess. Ive obviously bought a fake, does anyone know of where I can find support on how to do the mentioned "manual" contour cutting? Kind Regards Dan