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  1. Hey guys. Just did a decent sized job for a friend. I gave him the "bro" discount and afterwards am realizing I waaay under estimated the job. Super embarrassed to even tell you what I charged, but I promise I will after I find out what an intelligent businessman would have charged. I am including the mock-ups with measurements and all in all I spent about twenty hours from start to finish including design time on the logo and lettering. Used Oracal 651 for the whole thing. Applied dry and only had to prick two or three air pockets! Also, I have a question for the seasoned pros. Do you guys charge extra for being high up on a ladder? Oh, lord just wait until you find out how much I charged...
  2. paulthechainsaw

    I got hosed.

    Nice on the new job and yes they did pay up, so I didn't truly get hosed. I charged a "whopping" $350.00. Blech. I feel like such a DB. Most of the time was spent behind the monitor kearning my life away. I generally just do small runs of band decals and promotional logo handouts and even then I'm still just a baby in the business. However, after a year I should be able to estimate a job properly. Thanks for the link!
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    A little banner.

    Very clean!
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    I got hosed.

    I guess hosed was the wrong term. He didn't hose me. He just accepted my bid. @bannerjohn I live but it seems I never learn!
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    I got hosed.

    I totally agree. I hosed myself. I made the estimate.
  6. I have not read this complaint in any forum so I hope it's not just me. My Laserpoint 24", which is a constant bear I have to wrestle with, has "wells" along the front and rear that vinyl gets caught up in. I've had to run duct tape along the front one and recently had major issues with the back one. Video: I lay awake at night worried about how much vinyl is wasted through weeding and having large borders. Modern Guilt. Weeding is necessary but we should not have to roll out 5" before a cut just so it misses that front well. Maximize consumption, minimize waste. I'm saving up for a Roland. From all that I've read and experienced these Chinese machines are not worth the time. Sorry about the shaky vid.
  7. Very glad to hear something positive about this. Makes total sense to use it as a blade groove for straight cuts, do you think it was meant to be used that way? I wonder why it would be included on the rear too? Thanks for the response (and encouragement).
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    New LaserPoint 24" - My First Cut

    Great cut. If you don't mind my asking. What is your blade offset set at? I haven't been able to get the same results as you and I think it's my blade offset set improperly.
  9. I tried a simple contour cut using my US Cutter Laserpoint 24" and SignCut crashed on me. Mac os 10.5. Fine with regular cutting. Happens with "simple contour cut" under special cutting, "advanced contour cut" under special cutting and "calibrate laserpoint offset" under settings. Has anyone had any luck contour cutting with the LP 24 on a mac running signcut pro? Thanks for any help.
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    zombie decals

    Aren't zombies great.