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  1. the vinyl tree

    oracal 631 in australia???

    artmart. 6 - 16 Joseph Street Blackburn North Victoria 3130 or is the only distributor of the oracal brand vinyl in australia.
  2. the vinyl tree

    Quick Shirt & Tote Bag

    nice work
  3. really well once you get how to properly use it . gives a great textured feel and look to the t-shirts . and as for $$$$ it is more but its worth it if done well.
  4. the vinyl tree

    Sisers New Product

    it does work really well but is tricky to use
  5. the vinyl tree

    Does Flexi Sign Pro 8.1 work on Windows 7

    it does run on window 7 as thats the setup im running with my p-cut at the moment
  6. the vinyl tree

    Sign and vehicle

    nice work . ???
  7. the vinyl tree

    New Bowling shirts

  8. the vinyl tree

    Good bye for good.

    you'll be welcomed with open arms .... friend
  9. the vinyl tree

    car jump at Dallas airport

    one word "bugger"
  10. the vinyl tree

    signblazer kept freezing!!

    its the cutter memory that doing it . it gets to full or removes the job before it finishes cutting . i had the same problem but i change mine to read the job long before removing it from memory . but i did this in flexi so i don't know how to change it in signblazer . sorry . could any one else chime in here please to do this in signblazer?
  11. hi guys. funny that when i was reading this , i realized that it not just my machine that plays up doing the same identical thing . the only thing that i can put it down to is one thing FLEXI is not compatible with some cutters. im running a ct 1200 pcut and running flexi 7.6 and its to the letter the same thing happening .some time its a port error , cannot write to port or cannot open port message displayed . now to give you a back ground of what ive tried to fix this is. as follows changed the usb to serial cable 3 times. run the cutter on 4 different machines . two desktops and two laptops all different makes. had the usb connection changed to the m board (on cutter) had a new mother board changed (on cutter) took it back to supplier to get fixed under warranty. and was told there was no problem. (but they used different software . (they used winpc sign.) the only thing that i didn't change because i was told that it didn't effect the cutter was to change the software to some thing else. now thats what im doing and the problem is going away but . i can not use the cutter now the way that i wanted to because the software is sh%t house basic. thats why i got flexi to start with. so its a trade off only the owner of the machine can make reliability or good software. for me im going to keep the good software and get another machine. stupid i know but that the way im going to go.
  12. the vinyl tree

    Would you be mad?

    [quote author=CyberSultan link=topic=28502.msg225114#msg225114 date=1275334950 This world needs less selfishness, not more. The current mess in our economy speaks volumes as to the results of selfishness. isn't that the truth. all over the world.
  13. the vinyl tree

    Would you be mad?

    great idea. not trying to start fight just sick of societies " i or me only" attitude . i can also see your anger over what they did too
  14. the vinyl tree

    Would you be mad?

    Only about $25K annually of my personal money for handicapped children to get needed dentistry work. But that is personal and not business. As far as our shop goes we are asked to donate work almost daily and we just don't do it. As i said, we are priced competitively and that is as good as it gets in our shop. How could a charity go wrong buying t-shirts for their event at $5 and selling them for $10 or $15 or even $20? As far as a charity goes, I don't have time to investigate what they are about and what they do or even how much of what they bring in goes to the intended purpose. I may sound like a dick but if the charity wants to make money we can partner with them, but we just don't donate. As far as sounding like a dick, how about the OP? asking if I would be angry over someone reusing a charity sign for a for-profit business? I was only offering a solution to his good work being exploited. wtf i disagree with both your statements and if thats the way you feel then why are you on this forum then ? given that this is a form of charity .! we give our time and our service to those who are unable to for whatever reason too do it themselves. so there is no difference between asking for something on here and having some approach you at your business. and at least you know that your not cutting your own throat giving to the competition. now outbreak as stated before - upsell and remember kama always comes back to those who give freely
  15. the vinyl tree