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  1. Going crosseyed trying to figure how to use Sign Blazer on my Titan 2. Will not recognize cutter . PLEASE advise if ANYONE knows how to set this up. MANY THANKS ! Saga which I understand is the rebranding of the TITAN is not listed in the dropdown list of cutters in the SB software.
  2. bigmax

    Titan 2 using Sign Blazer

    Also, don't have a clue as to where the "original" CD from years ago.
  3. bigmax

    Titan 2 using Sign Blazer

    Before uninstalling SBE I checked US Cutter 's site and nothing seen there for Sign Blazer and the ones that I have found in this forum do not show up. How do I download from US CUTTER archive?
  4. bigmax

    Titan 2 using Sign Blazer

    A BIG THANK YOU to those who tried to help.
  5. bigmax

    Titan 2 using Sign Blazer

    Well...………….tried to "tile" cut a letter. First tile cut, no problem but even in "AUTO TILE" second cut gives a "SIZE ERROE PLEASE RESET" on the Titan screen. Tried again with manual tile selection and still get error screen. May attempt another approach TOMORROW before throwing it in the pool. Just kidding D#@*%#*
  6. bigmax

    Titan 2 using Sign Blazer

    Got it working by putting my USB to Serial adapter from my "dead" SC cutter to Titan @ , checked settings and BAMMMMMMMM it's working. Going to check out the Tile feature in SBE, which is what I really needed that my Vinyl Master LTR would not do. Will try and let y'all know.
  7. GOT IT WORKING !!!!! I took the old USB to serial adapter from my dead SC cutter, put in together, double checked settings and BAMM. Up and cutting. Really want to check out the "Tiling" feature.Fixing to give it a shot.

  8. bigmax

    BBQ Trophy

    COOL lookin stuff
  9. bigmax

    Latest project

    Late with reply but,Thanks !
  10. bigmax

    Latest project

    This one was tough at 97 degrees (not including heat index)
  11. OK found the nest to page feature in VM Ltr. However, when I select a word that I want to cut, just the drop shadow part of THAT word, it shows the ENTIRE layout. I tried to apply the drop shadow PER WORD but can't NEST TO PAGE by color. Can ANYONE advise me on this. Trying to keep from wasting about 70% of the "shadow" vinyl.
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    My 1st real Shirt order!

    Looks good !
  13. bigmax

    Latest project

    Missed cutting shadow on EBT and the ampersand and finished today.
  14. bigmax

    Banner Johns passing

    Just noticed the post on Banner John. SO sorry to hear of his passing. I too can say that he was SOOOO helpful to me when I first started . No question was "stupid" to him and he would encourage me when Iwoiuld get frustrated.He will be truly missed. RIP John.
  15. I am trying to cut a file in VM Ltr. where the letters are positioned to cut conserving space(less vinyl waste). What I'm doing is, cutting the DROP SHADOW portion of a file with 15" letters which I want at apply, then place drop shadow pieces separately. Will take longer but, can't figure out how to do this. Can this be done in Ltr. version (or Signblazer) with Titan 2 cutter. Any help greatly appreciated.
  16. bigmax

    Help with VM Ltr

    DUUUHHHHH, sorry , found NEST TO PAGE right in front of ME! LOL
  17. bigmax

    I’m back your warned!!

    Welcome back.
  18. bigmax


    Skarekrow strikes again !!!
  19. bigmax

    Buyer beware

    Just lick it and stick !LOL
  20. bigmax

    Buyer beware

    banner hem tape lol
  21. bigmax

    Buyer beware

    I have used banned hem tape in this same situation and worked great.
  22. bigmax

    My largest work so far

    Looks Good !
  23. Same here. However, so often, customer attitude CAN have some influence on the price. Seriously.
  24. bigmax

    A Quick Reminder

    Thanks for the reminder. Hope y'all have a great year !!
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    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    Welcome from NORTH FLORIDA !