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  1. I know this thread is for criticism and complaints however, I have to relay recent experience. I had some issues with mt Titan 2 (out of stock part needed) so I found 2 P-cut 630's and alike new laserpoint2 on craigs list. The gut bought all from US Cutter. Negotiated price of $150 for all 3. Drove 90 miles and picked up the cutters. Long story short. Contacted US Cutter customer support, since I couldn't seem to get them going. They called me back within about an hour and in no time, had everything up and running. My $.02.... they are GREAT. Shortly after got the titan2 part and now it's running like new . Happy, Happy, Happy!
  2. Was having issues with mt Titan 2. Finally got new i/o board and replaced it. Then the carriage control board went out and replaced that and the cutting strip. This past week, I was using it with no issues. Today, a friend asked about cutting some window (anti Biden stuff) decals. Turned on the machine (using vinyl master pro / windows 10) and all I get is a blue screen. Went into he machine to check ALL connections and screen still blue. Anyone have any ideas as to wat the problem ay be? Thinking mother board. Sent a tech suport ticket to USC but will not hear anything until Monday I;m sure.
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    New problem

    Actually something a little different than that.
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    good find

    I had posted in Titan 2 thread about cutter stopping on me. A friend loaned me a spare (MH-721)that he was not using. In the meantime, I started shopping around for a back up until I can get the O/I board for the Titan. Ran across a 28"P-Cut that works great and come to find out, he actually has 2 of the same models AND a 28" Lasterpoint. ALL 3 with stands, keyspan adapters for $150.00l. Another friend that does a slew of t-shirts, which I don't do, Is buying the sizer stuff 1roll of 12"x50yd black and same in white, along with several short rolls of various colors for $200.00. Happy, Happy, Happy.
  5. Well after getting a great deal (I think) on 2 P-cut and a laser point (like brand new) to use until US CUTTER restocks on the Titan 2 O/I board which went bad. I got the laser ppoint set up using Vinyl Master PRO and windows 10. However when I send cut command , it cuts a mirror image. Cannot figure out howto reverse this without ticking mirror command. Can anyone out there tell me what I am doing wrong, PLEASE?
  6. Last week I( had a problem with my Titan 2 NOT being recognized in VInyl master PRO. w/windows 10 (Previous posts described attempts without good results), US Cutter support took remote access and determined that it was the O/I board on the Titan. A friend in a neighboring town had an older SUMMA D60U. that I could use until part was available from USC. Well..........going through set up for the Summa, getting error message that "unable to open file". At this point , after several failed attempts, I uninstalled VM Pro and re-installed and started again. Same error message. At this point of frustration, I walked away. Today, I ran into an old friend that I had helped when he first started cutting vinyl and he has a MH-721 that I could use. Got all excited, went by, picked up THAT unit and brought it back, hooked it up ,Went through the set up and THAT ONE" NOT DETECTED". I am not the brightest 69 year old when it comes to computers,so.............can someone that is more computer savy PLEASE HELP? The usb cable (2 different ones work fine when connected to printers) and tried usb to serial adapter with same results. PLEASE ADVISE what I am doing wrong
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    At wits end!

    After my last post, I went back out to the shop and viewed some other posts. I went into the device manager and got the MH-721 set up and working, Did a couple of test cuts and still dancing!!!!!!!! BACK IN BUSINESS!!!! THANKS TO ALL WHO TRIED TO ASSIST.
  8. My titan 2 stopped cutting in the middle of a time sensitive job. .Stopped and started over and same problem. Completely closed vinyl master pro, started again and getting a pop up that usb connection in not recognized by microsoft windows. SO........ uninstalled and downloaded VM Pro from us cutter web site. Still getting same message. Machine is grounded. RAunning windows 10. ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well.......took the bad ribbon cable to an electronics repairman, since US CUTTER was out of stock. He made me a new one, based on the one that failed. Attached the new cable and cutter still not recognized . Contacted USC support, and they called me back within a few minutes. He took remote access and did some checking and determined that the I/O board is the problem. However ,they are out of stock and looks like mid Feb. before being available for sale. He did state that he was going to check the repair dept. and try to arrange for one to be transferred over to retail and then send me a link to get it ordered. Couldn't really ask for more under the circumstances. Heck, I need some time off anyway
  10. This will hopefully save someone a LOT OF FRUSTRATION down the road,
  11. FOund problem! After trying all suggestions and instructions from Futures corp. (Vinyl master) I decided to check internal wiring. As soon as I removed the end cap..........there it was . The ribbon cable was not connected , THANKS AGAIN to all who replied. At least I'm back in the game
  12. After exhausting the suggestions and following e mailed instructions from Vinyl master without any success, I decided to go into the usb/ serial connection. As soon as I pulled the plastic end cap.........there it was. The ribbon cable was not connected. Reattached it and BACK IN BUSINESS!!!!! Thanks to all who offered suggestions. Still can't figure out how it came loose. Anyway, THANKS AGAIN.
  13. suspect that darcshadow is right on connection wiring. Going to check into that in the morning. Thanks to ALL who replied
  14. Sorry , had to step away for a bit. I dug out a serial to USB adapter that I kept from my SC (old) model I used before getting the titan 2. Hooked it up (com port 3) Finally got the GREEN check showing connection however, when I click on cut, then click proceed with cutting.......nothing happens. Any suggestions at this point?Iuninstalled and re installed but as soon as I plug into the usb port I get the "device not recognized" Goin nuts!!!
  15. Tried different USB cable, same message. "Device not recognized" Tried another usb port............same.
  16. I went to US CUTTER support site but did not see the Titan 2 listed for driver download
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    New Program

    Used SignBlazer for a long time then bought a Titan2 cutter with VM Cut. . After a while upgraded to PRO and have been very pleased. A lot of very useful features in VM. You can't go wrong.
  18. A little behind on this but I usually send a proof with 2-3 choices for the customer to select from. This has worked well for me and have very few to ask for more . Time is money and if they know there is a design charge (per hour) they seem to decide much quicker. Just my $.02.
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    First Post - Etched Glass Flag

    Really like the flag/guitar one
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    can anyone PLEASE I D this font
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    THANK YOU !! Been looking at different fonts until I was cross-eyed
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    Pinch Roller Wheels

    Sounds like excessive pressure. Even vehicle tires sitting on a solid surface will have a tendency to get "out of round". Just my $.02I would relieve the tension and then run it back and forth several times starting with minimum pressure and increase the pressure in small increments. This MAY round it back out.
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    mother board

    Have a friend with a shop near me that has a Vinyl express Model PII-61 that will not power on. He said he has tried to get support from Sign Warehouse but no progress there. Anyone know the "original " maker. Is PANTHER a manufacturer or is that the model name. Probably the mother board, but need to know where to check for a replacement. ANY help is appreciated.
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    Best Wishes

    I sure hope that ALL our forum members are WELL and SAFE. As for me, I'm keeping to the Homefront and completely avoiding contact with anyone other than immediate family (wife and daughter)My brother lives in Madrid, Spain and it is really awful there according to our conversation yesterday. Hope everyone here makes it through this "life altering" situation. Truly, BEST WISHES and STAY SAFE!!!