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  1. Used SignBlazer for a long time then bought a Titan2 cutter with VM Cut. . After a while upgraded to PRO and have been very pleased. A lot of very useful features in VM. You can't go wrong. 

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  2. Sounds like excessive pressure. Even vehicle tires sitting on a solid surface will have a tendency to get "out of round". Just my $.02I would relieve the tension and then run it back and forth several times starting with minimum pressure and increase the pressure in small increments. This MAY round it back out.

  3. I sure hope that ALL our forum members are WELL and SAFE. As for me, I'm keeping to the Homefront and completely avoiding contact with anyone other than immediate family (wife and daughter)My brother lives in Madrid, Spain and it is really awful there according to  our conversation yesterday.  Hope everyone here makes it through this "life altering" situation. Truly, BEST WISHES  and STAY SAFE!!!

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  4. Have a friend with a shop near me   that has a Vinyl express Model PII-61 that will not power on. He said he has tried to get support from Sign Warehouse but no progress there. Anyone know the "original " maker. Is PANTHER a manufacturer or is that the model name. Probably the mother board, but need to know where to check for a replacement. ANY help is appreciated.