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  1. bigmax

    Blades that last longer than Clean Cut?

    I probably don't cut every day, however I too have always used CC blades. They absolutely last longer. I always use scrap vinyl and do test cut until it is correct depth/pressure(TITAN 2). Learned the hard way after incorrect setting and ruining the cutting strip.
  2. bigmax

    Buyer beware "support"

    I too have had SOME problems with cutter(s) from USC however, they have ALWAYS went above and beyond to correct the issue. AS many have done started with MH to SC to TIATN and happy as a pig in ----! My lack of patience IT SEEMS IS ALWAYS A FACTOR. I still have and will recommend USC. Just my $.02.
  3. bigmax

    Hello from a new guy

    Welcome from N. Florida
  4. This one is a Canebreak Rattler. Has a pink tint.
  5. Note the picture. Catch one swvwral time every year.
  6. bigmax

    Need some help...this might be tough.

    skarekrow to the rescue !!! GOOD LOOKIN' JOB
  7. bigmax

    New, senior citizen so be gentle

    Welcome from ANOTHER OLD FART from North Florida.
  8. bigmax

    Hi all!

    Welcome from N Florida. Lots of helpful info here !!
  9. bigmax

    Hey Y'all

    WELCOME from N Florida
  10. bigmax

    Hello From NC

    WELCOME from N Florida.
  11. bigmax

    Does vinyl need to cure?

    Sign vinyls (if not mistaken) are pressure sensitive. The more you squeegee with pressure, the more it adheres to the substrate or surface you are applying to.
  12. bigmax

    Should I buy from US Cutter?

    I have bought 2 cutters from US CUTTER and often buy some materials. Although I'm a "one man show" they have gone above and beyond with issues, though few, on my cutters. The biggest or only complaint is being on terminal hold when trying to resolve a problem. I guess my lack of patience doesn't help either. BUT, yes I would and have recommended them many times. Just my $.02 worth.
  13. select all then go to curves. Under curves, convert to curves. with image selected tick on, the arrange tab. Then tick ungroup all. This allows you to select each part of the image . You can change each part separately, or eliminate unwanted parts.
  14. , When turning on my Titan 2 the cutter head moves then SLAMS against the cabinet (right side) Happened yesterday morning, went back to my old SC model to finish a job. This morning, same thing, cutter head carriage moves, then slams against cabinet. and get error message to restart. do so and same issue. Turned off.......unplugged.....uninstalled VM LTR and reinstalled. NO GOOD still doing same . ANY thoughts before I TRY to contact US Cutter tomorrow. Really been an awesome unit UNTIL NOW. Thanks in advance.