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  1. bigmax

    Buyer beware

    Just lick it and stick !LOL
  2. bigmax

    Buyer beware

    banner hem tape lol
  3. bigmax

    Buyer beware

    I have used banned hem tape in this same situation and worked great.
  4. bigmax

    My largest work so far

    Looks Good !
  5. Same here. However, so often, customer attitude CAN have some influence on the price. Seriously.
  6. bigmax

    A Quick Reminder

    Thanks for the reminder. Hope y'all have a great year !!
  7. bigmax

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    Welcome from NORTH FLORIDA !
  8. bigmax

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

  9. bigmax

    Blades that last longer than Clean Cut?

    I probably don't cut every day, however I too have always used CC blades. They absolutely last longer. I always use scrap vinyl and do test cut until it is correct depth/pressure(TITAN 2). Learned the hard way after incorrect setting and ruining the cutting strip.
  10. bigmax

    Buyer beware "support"

    I too have had SOME problems with cutter(s) from USC however, they have ALWAYS went above and beyond to correct the issue. AS many have done started with MH to SC to TIATN and happy as a pig in ----! My lack of patience IT SEEMS IS ALWAYS A FACTOR. I still have and will recommend USC. Just my $.02.
  11. bigmax

    Hello from a new guy

    Welcome from N. Florida
  12. This one is a Canebreak Rattler. Has a pink tint.
  13. Note the picture. Catch one swvwral time every year.
  14. bigmax

    Need some help...this might be tough.

    skarekrow to the rescue !!! GOOD LOOKIN' JOB