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  1. Weeding suggestions

    I have several straight point tools and happened to drop one some time back, which bent the point. Turned out to have formed a slight hook in the point. I modified slightly with some fine grit sand paper and work GREAT for small weeding projects.
  2. Need a particular US flag

    Thanks for sharing.
  3. First decent project with the Laser

    Awesome looking
  4. Hello!!! From Florida

    Best to you from North Fl. Great place here for valuable advice and information. I started out with an Mh series and finally got the Tians 2 (servo) and OMG why did I wait so long!!! If your budget allows you will be way ahead of the game with(at least) the Titan 2. Again, best of luck to you
  5. What are you all using for invoicing and receipts?

    I've used express invoice for about 2 years now. Does everything I need . I really like the pricing section, Took a while to set it up but, sure work well for me and my needs.
  6. Removal of HTV possible

    I have done this; spray the INSIDE where the design is, let set for a few seconds and the HTV peels off (had to use tweezers on a few). The second design was sized as to cover the minimal "ghosting" that was there. Turned out really well. Don't want to do again though>
  7. titan 2 w/sign blazer

    Thanks for the reply. Tried the copam 2500 no luck.Oh well, going to give up ....for now. Thanks anyway.
  8. titan 2 w/sign blazer

    Does anyone use Sign Blazer with Titan 2 cutter. If so could you PLEASE let me know what driver I need for SBE to recognize the Titan 2? ANYONE
  9. Setting

    thank you.trying to help a couple that bought a shop near me and thier flexi went down for some reason. They had to leave for a few hours and naturally all hells broke loose. Lol. Thanks again
  10. Setting

    Can anyone tell me what cutter to choose pn a Vinyl express Q75 uding signer or Vinyl master Ltr.really need asap. Thanks in advance
  11. Looking for a someone who prints banners

    Try Camel City Posters. They do my billboard vinyls and can do about any size. Very affordable !! probably around $1 per sq ft
  12. Problem Cutting completely

    Not sure but I think your blade offset is what needs to be adjusted.
  13. Transfer files from SB

    Late response but, I did this: in file search entered *.sbd then sent all these files t a thumb drive and ALL my sign blazer saved files are in one place. Did the same thing for eps files: *.eps (select all then send to flash/thumb drive.