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  1. I know this is an older post but you are so right about AT60. I used it for years and loved it!!! But then maybe like 3 years ago I was running low and ordered a new roll, from the same place, same R-Tape AT60, didn't change a thing and my new tape was terrible, wouldn't lift a thing! I didn't notice until I was half way through my roll, I figured maybe it was defective. After I finished that roll I ordered another and same thing, would only lift like 10% of the decal. Noticed AT60 complaints on various forums, I contacted USCutter where I had ordered it from, the rep said that they had received numerous complaints and they later said that they learned RTape had recently changed their adhesive formula. It's too bad that it still has not improved because it really was a great product. I now only use MainTape Clear medium tack.
  2. geminis076

    RTape Clear Choice AT60 HELP!

    So I contacted USCutter to complain and try to learn more information, they replied within a few hours and apparently the formula for the AT60 has been changed, which I believe since I tested old left over used AT60 tape that I still have and they work perfectly! Here's the reply I received: Hello - Thank you for your detailed description of the problem and commitment to our products - we certainly value good customers. This goes both ways with our vendors and this AT60 has caused a few feathers to be ruffled, believe you me. From what I understand, Oracal decided to change the adhesiveness of their transfer tape materials and didn't tell us! All of a sudden in August, right around the time you ordered, we had a explosion of orders with the same complaint as yours. It took a few days to get a handle on the situation and we found out later what had happened. We have since added another line of application tape to our website and there are now more options for application tape. To the customers that were used to AT60 I have been suggesting the GreenStar clear choice high tack application tape - it has been doing well for everyone thus far. If you want to return the roll, shoot me a quick call or let me know via email and we can get all the paperwork started. Sorry again, thank you for your patience in this matter. But I'm hesitant to try a new brand as I've only worked with AT60 / medium tack adhesive. I can't continue to use the roll that I have, I need a replacement right away as I have pending orders waiting to be worked on. I'll try to update once I figure something out and have tested a new brand.
  3. geminis076

    Application Tape ISSUES Please help!

    Hello original poster. If you see this I'm wondering if you could please update your original post/question with what you ended up doing or what you have used since then. Thanks!
  4. I know this is old but for future viewers, WD-40 works great for removing adhesive, if Goo-Gone is not available. I would use a Q-tip for good control of the area to be cleaned.
  5. geminis076

    RTape Clear Choice AT60 HELP!

    Thank you for posting this link, and to the original poster I totally agree with this quote and believe it's defective! I've recently been having a terrible time getting the tape to stick to the vinyl, just as you have described. I bought my roll about 3 months ago and just noticed the issue this week, usually I just cut the decal, run it over with a squeegee, package and ship it to the customer. I had to correct something by needed to lift the decal from the liner and that's when I noticed the problem. After several experiments with my machine's settings and other tests to try and resolve this nothing worked. I then tried a left over roll that I've had sitting around for about a year and a half, the old roll worked flawlessly! I tested older decals I've had lying around that did not use my current roll of AT60, again flawless, lifted every bit effortlessly! I've only worked with Oracal 651 and RTape AT60, have been purchasing from USCutter for over 2 years and this is my first material issue. Thanks to that link I too will contact customer service to complain, it's caused a lot of stress and frustration and this is bad for my customers. In the past AT60 has been great, I would continue to use it and buy from USCutter if this can be resolved.
  6. Graphtec CE-5000-60 purchased in 2009 (refurbished). The machine was cutting fine today, then suddenly the arm that holds the blade stopped dropping. The carriage moves and acts as if it were cutting something, but the arm/blade stays in place never drops and does not make contact with the vinyl. There is also a faint whurring sound which is probably due to the arm not dropping. Manually I am able to move the blade/arm up and down smoothly and without any resistance so I don't believe there is something blocking it. Unless I accidentally changed a setting, to my knowledge I have not changed any of my machine or software settings. I don't know technical information about the machine or trying to repair it, but I have tried simple things like turning the machine on and off, trying the "Test" cut feature on the machine - same results, and trying to test cut through my software with the same results. The software I use are CorelDraw X3 & Cutting Master 2. Up until now the machine had been running fine - the only issue I can think of is the Position Alarm alert would appear a bit often. Any advice as to what I can try, what the issue may be, or who I can contact for advice would be great, thanks!
  7. Hello, my cutter is a Master Tiger 1000 series. Very recently my carriage arm started to drop during cuts, and now it no longer lifts up and down - stays down the entire time. Even stays down if I'm moving it manually from side to side with the control buttons. Can't cut this way because it just ends up scratching the vinyl, plus it's not applying even pressure throughout the entire cut. I've tried to play with the settings, nothing seems to work. This seems more like an electrical or part issue, I can open the carriage case but I'm not sure what to look for? Is there anything I can try or check that may help? Thanks for any information!