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  1. Write port error is back Working with these Chinese crappers can be so amazingly frustrating.
  2. Great success! The Aten UC232A worked great with my PCut. Earlier, I have had problems with this converter, but I guess they were related to the old computer I had. Lots of blue screens and other Windows™ features in it... Cheers for help guys, especially for you Mz SKEETER.
  3. So Belkin works? I don't live in the US, but our local PC store has the Belkin version available. Do you know if this looks like the one I should get.
  4. Hmm... You could be right. I believe my problems started once my old XP laptop died and I had to go to a WIN7 laptop, which doesn't have PCMCIA or EC card slot :/ Thus, I had to start using USB instead of serial. I do have few Aten UC232A's somewhere, do you know/believe if it would help?
  5. Hi guys I've been using my PCut CTN1200 for quite many years now and every now and then, with no obvious reason, I do get more write port errors. Today, however, while moving the vinyl (3M 50-120) back and forth, I noticed that my Windows Laptop randomly drops the connection to the cutter. After testing this phenomena some hundreds of times I removed the vinyl from the cutter and moved some nothingness back and forth. No more dropping of the connection. Has anyone else noticed this? How have you fixed it?
  6. Hey, I got the same issue after re-installing everything on my laptop ('format c:' and so on ). Previously the knife dropped instantly, but now it goes down like in a slow motion film. Up it moves instantly. Actually, the whole cutter seems to be slower than before. I am using Flexi starter, which for my understanding does nothing for controlling the speed of the cutter. I remember testing the speeds earlier and the max speed was so crazy that it felt like the cutter would fly through the garage walls with every movement of the blade holder. Also, with same weight settings (around 120), it cuts through paper which has never occurred before. Okay, I've never used Avery chrome before, but still it cut the paper like hot knife butter. With Oracal materials I needed less weight than preciously, which felt quite odd too. This is not a major issue as it is too slow only when cutting weeding boxes, but an issue anyway and should be fixed before it ruins some larger scale work. Ideas anyone? Regards Marko
  7. Check that your vinyl holders (or what ever they are called in English) are aligned with the back friction material on the rolling axle. If they are not, the longitudinal rolling will slip on some parts thus twisting your vinyl. In other words, the black rubber roll should press the vinyl where there is black rubber like stuff on the axle. Hope you can understand what I mean M