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  1. Just posted a new video, of Isaac Clark, one of the characters from Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 is an action/horror video game that recently came out, and has become pretty popular. Someone requested the video, so viola! Let me know what you all think!
  2. shinma22

    first large cut, lots of weeding, what do you think?

    That skyline looks awesome! Nice detail What other projects do you have in mind? I am trying not to cover my house in anime, thankfully, my girlfriend likes the anime as much as I do, so if I go nuts one day, I should be somewhat ok
  3. Hey everyone! I just added 3 new videos, for a total of 8 videos now. The new videos are: Ichigo Kurosaki in the Final Getsuga Tenshō form Death the Kid from Soul Eater Master Chief from Halo As always, let me know what you think, and if you have any requests/suggestions! Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy (and prosperous!) New Year! -Robert
  4. Dude That is the worst advice ever given. There is no exception in the copyright law that says you can make for your own use. Copyright is copyright. Well, hopefully, since I am just making these for fun, and I made the vector files myself, by tweaking exsiting images, no one will be upset with the stickers I am making. The Tyrannosaurus for instance, since I did nothing to the vector, I actually tracked down the artist and got their permission to use their file. My goal is to make people smile when they see my videos, and to give them a new appreciation for the amount of hard work we all put into our stickers, whether that be for a living, or for a hobby. Weed on!
  5. shinma22

    Roll Vinyl Calculator

    I am definitely interested in one that I can modify. I am currently on Windows 7. -Robert
  6. shinma22

    Roll Vinyl Calculator

    This calculator is awesome, so is the SignCalculator.exe one, but it doesnt allow me to adjust pricing, and apparently, the vinyl here in Texas may be a little more expensive Thanks again! -Robert
  7. Well, I called US Cutter today, and discussed the memory upgrade. I think I might buy it, but just as a pre-emptive measure for what I hope is a long life for my cutter The gentleman I talked to today, did 2 things that ensured I will continue to be a happy customer: 1) He told me possible solutions (same as in this forum) that I should try before selling me the memory 2) He told me they are support people that take orders, not salespeople. This kind of awesome customer centric mentality will keep me as a customer for a VERY long time. Incidentally, I did in fact have a serial port it turns out, as I built this Win7 machine, and the board I put in it DID have a serial port (was not sure originally)... Once I added that cable, Sign Blazer crashed on me the first time, but since then, I have gone back and done that highly detailed image, and it cut perfectly. So, like I said, I will probably get the memory upgrade, but just as a good thing to have. My woes are now over Thank you everyone!!! Especially US CUTTER!
  8. Thank you! I am going to try to do 3 more videos tonight! Thankfully the tips I got regarding switching to the Serial port instead of the USB port seems to have fixed my issue with the image halting 60% of the way through, so I am looking forward to one of my favorite designs tonight! So, here is a question, rather than creating a new post everytime, is there a way to edit this thread to show that there are new updated videos? Or do I just need to create a new post each time? Thanks! **NOTE** I found the modify button oh, and I also did a nice 2+ hour stint of weeding and now just need to edit the 3 new videos! I will update later this morning, or tomorrow, when they are online!
  9. I would definitely guesstimate that to be cheap but if it is for your own pride and joy, then it makes perfect sense. I originally bought my cutter to make stickers for my Anti-Zombie website. I realized it would be insanely expensive to have someone else make my stickers and I wouldn't be able to sell them to my target audience. Now, when I make them, I am pouring my idea into them so it is more fun, and I don't seem to mind as much (In fact I just cut a 12" version of my logo while I was typing this, for my new Pelican Rifle case hehe) The upside, is that people liked what I did, and I have slowly started making wall, car, and laptop decals for friends and family and just with that small market, I have made back more than double what my machine cost me. My logo is entirely letters, and they are chewed up letters, hence why I would LOVE to be able to weed out the letters as fast as you did I suppose I need to play around with the settings more. I am thinking that it might really all be down to cut depth for me now. Thanks again for your response, and best of luck!
  10. shinma22

    Radio Flyer Custom Decal

    Wow... just read the aforementioned thread. No words for that one Aside from that, the wagon looks brilliant.
  11. Three things... 1) WOW... awesome video 2) I now realize that I must need to set the depth deeper perhaps on my cutter? I can never just pull so easily, with small details staying behind! Has anyone ever figured out the best way to decide what depth? (for all intents and purposes I am still a n00b hehe) 3) What would you charge for stickers like that? Just out of curiosity Again, thanks for the awesome video! -Robert
  12. shinma22

    Cannot find security key????????

    I am having this exact same issue, except that I installed it, and it was working, but I could not add devices or a new setup, so I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Now it says that the security key doesnt match the password. Any ideas??
  13. To my knowledge, there was no memory upgrade available for this unit. Has this since changed? Also, at what size file should memory become an issue? The file was 590k not even 1 mb. In regards to long cuts, do you mean long amounts of time, or long distance? As I mentioned, the cutting area is only 25"x40", but it was a very detailed design. I am using the USB, do not have a serial port on this computer. I also did not notice any static, but that may be it. Do you have any examples of how people have grounded in the past? (images?)
  14. Nice! so, yeah, back to the issue at hand Any idea whats going on with the cutter not completing?