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  1. pastortommy

    Contour Cut help! Newbie!

    Try putting your image in the cutter in the opposite orientation.
  2. pastortommy


    I will try this in the morning. Thanks.
  3. pastortommy


    I use a program called "MIS Autoprint" to schedule my sublimation printers to auto-print a file (purge4) every 3 days to keep the heads in good shape when I am away. This is on an XP computer. The new computer, running windows 7 (64 bit) will not run this program and there is no update for the program. Do any of you know of any auto-print program that will do this operation?
  4. pastortommy

    vectorizing program

    I use Vectormagic, desktop version. Works well with minimal input.
  5. Instructions for setting up a LaserPoint cutter to enable contour cutting with FlexiStarter 8.6 or 10. (These instructions are written under the assumption that you have already set-up your LaserPoint in Flexi Production Manager and have it operating properly for regular vinyl cutting). The first thing you need to do is create another setup in Production Manager as follows: Open “Production Manager” – choose the “Setup” menu – choose “Add setup”. (The following screen will appear): Click on the down arrow under “brand name” and choose “Creation-PCut”. DO NOT choose “US Cutter”. Next, click on the down arrow under “model name” and choose “CT-630G”. Your “Add Setup” screen will now look like this: Click “Next” and this screen will appear: *1 – choose the same “COM port that is assigned to your LaserPoint” setup. *2 – choose “None” for the Flow Control. Click on the “Finish” button. There you go, Your LaserPoint should be ready to do some contour cutting. Just choose the correct cutter in the “Cut Contour” window in FlexiStarter. Good luck and again, Thank You Skeeter.
  6. Skeeter, thanks for being persistant on this one. I got it to work with advise you gave. I also figured out a way to also use the laserpoint to do the alignments. I will post a walkthru of the proceedures in a while.
  7. Again, Flexi 8.6 and 10 will not allow contour cutting with the LP cutter. It will not bring up the alignment window with an LP cutter. I have even tried it with the pcut driver installed. During the same testing SB cut the contour perfectly. The MH series cutter will contour cut with the mentioned software with no problems.
  8. You cannot do contour cutting on a Laserpoint with flexi starter 8.6 or 10
  9. pastortommy


    Laserpoint cutters do have a serial port
  10. pastortommy

    Baby rattle

    Will this do? baby-rattle.eps
  11. pastortommy

    Pancakes Anyone?

    Will this work for you? hotcake.bmp hotcake2.eps
  12. pastortommy

    Sihl 3988

    I agree with SA Graphix. You can't go wrong with Richard and Cobra Ink Systems.
  13. pastortommy

    Sihl 3988

    I agree, best support a person could ever hope for!
  14. pastortommy

    heat transfer has yellow tint

    +1 on to much heat