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  1. We have run this poor thing to death in the year i have had it.It seems to have developed a problem with skipping or a dotted line type of cut .We have tried new blades,blade cutting depth and new Teflon strip.any help would be great Dan & Dawn @svsignworks 1-208-784-8004
  2. svsignworks

    Roland GX-24

    Yes it was on the curves of the smaller letters.With a little very thin oil like WD/40 Or 3n1 oil Worked into the little bearings works well.We havent had any trouble since I hope this helps It was very frustrating and made it impossible to do perfect work.
  3. svsignworks

    Etched Glass

    Has anyone hit up one of the many micro brewers around to etch some of there bottles? I am going to try talking to ours may be a great way to make a little bit of extra cash.It looks awsum on bottles of all colors.Sandblasted or Armoretch.I just did a mirror for a friend for his babies first birthday with Armoretch and it was flawless.I love the stuff easy to work with.
  4. svsignworks

    Question about coffee mugs

    Ink sublimation is the only way I know that you can get a fade free print or picture on a mug or whatever you transfer too. Sublimation products do have a special coating to transfer ink to.Its a great way to start a business we make good money on promotional items and such.hope this helps some........ Dan svsignworks
  5. svsignworks

    Roland GX-24

    I didnt have WD-40 but i had some Abu-Garcia fishing reel lube which is like 3-n-1 Oil ..... so i took my holder apart and put a drop of lube in the tiny bearing.cleaned the pin and blade with alcohol.I also set my blade pressure and depth as outlined in the video and help section in this forum.My wife says that the cutter works better now.It will work even better when the new needle blades get here tommorrow.Thanks for all of your help Dan & Dawn
  6. svsignworks

    Roland GX-24

    Well I am going to send it in to US cutter they have trained techs and its close only about 6 hrs away from Kellogg id. I need a back up cutter so thats what were going t buy before we take it there.Will buy the new cutter from US Cutter in woodinville wash. Just have alot on my plate right now.will do it all in the middle of the month.Thanks for your replies Dan
  7. Sign works is a full service sign business run by owners Dan & Dawn Pignotti from Kellogg idaho.We offer graphic design, printing, vinyl signs, banners, silkscreen t shirts,iron on t shirts,ink sublimation, and much more,Business has been around for 15 years we have had it for 2 years.Looking to get into domming and impact printing soon.Love this sight and very good information .
  8. svsignworks

    Graphic Charges

    We have run into this on occasion with a sign shop in our small town.We now tell the person up front that its our artwork and make them payfor it before it leaves.we are at 45.00 and hour.If you gave him a disc of the artwork you can copy and paste the us copyright. laws to it.I stopped the guy in out town in his tracks with this.It is kind of an unwritten thing between companies not to produce anything from anoter companies artwork.I hope this helps Dan @ svsignworks