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  1. Mollygrubber

    Yosemite sam

    Thank You!
  2. Mollygrubber

    Guns and Coffee

    Thanks for the early christmas
  3. Mollygrubber

    "Nobody cares about your family" decal design anyone?

    How about a Donkey kicking them or an elephant sitting on them.
  4. Mollygrubber

    Monkey picture

    It seems you can ask for and get anything here. Good job
  5. Mollygrubber

    Help please

    Really is hardcore...thanks!
  6. Mollygrubber

    Biggest Weed to date

    Is that someone jumping on the right side? Thanks, it will make a great wall decal for my daughter.
  7. Mollygrubber

    Police car lettering

    It's a great deal for them to make money. They buy them, then have to keep them for a certain time, say one year, then sell for big profits. A small city near me made some good money doing this. The black reflective is the next thing to unmarked you can get.
  8. Mollygrubber

    Here a few Graphic's

  9. Mollygrubber


    Going on the toolbox...Thanks
  10. Mollygrubber

    Little Help?

    Thanks , Sorry it took so long for me to reply, but I've been out of town. I found a font I can drop in and am learning alot just playing around. Thanks again!
  11. Mollygrubber

    Little Help?

    It's a patch, which I have a better version of somewhere . I'll try to find it. Know any good tuts for hand drawing? I'd like to learn. Thanks
  12. Mollygrubber

    Little Help?

    I've tried to vectorize this to cut decals but the stiching is really throwing it off. Does anyone know a good tutorial that would explain how to do it. I've tried Flexi, Inkscape, and Vector Magic. ( HUGE novice here) Thanks Motor Maids Inc No B.bmp
  13. Mollygrubber

    new cornhole boards

    Those look great! The next one should be the rear view of the animals.
  14. Mollygrubber

    Just sharing some graphics...softball

    Luv the Flame Thanks