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  1. Well after another arm surgery and months of rehabbing it, I am starting back into a little sign making. I am currently revamping an Auto Mechanics shop. Former sign shop he used close it's doors. (cheap vinyl was used it's shrunk and curling up.) I know they used these graphics from the 3 volume mega collection that US Cutter sells, and I do plan on buying the complete set once this job is done. I have 4 regular glass doors to do, 2 all metal doors on the rear of the shop, a large office window, and 2 large shop doors, a 4X10 outdoor wall sign, and 2 small shop banners, and a combo of these 6 graphics were originally used. #36917 #36916 #34699 #36215 #33666 #34687 Thanks i'd appreciate any help on these 6. US Cutter does have the best price on the whole set and I will be buying it, just gotta get this job done and then I can order it up.
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    6 Graphic #'s from Mega Collection Wanted/Needed

    Thanks for those towman 208. I have and will pay it forward when I have something someone is in need of. I will be buying the whole 3 mega collection set soon and if anyone has a need for a couple to help them out, I'll send them or post a few to help whomever get the job done. I know we can't post them all for the world, and I respect that, thats why I usually buy clipart on CD. A good one that I like and was not expensive is the Bill Wood classic car clipart CD. A car guy like myself who hangs out with other car guys likes getting one or 2 cut as a gift. I posted a few of those cars on here in this thread before, and encouraged others to buy the full CD worth. Any of the signgold small sets are nice as well. I bought 2 of those. I do have the clipart DeSIGN Ultimate Ornaments Mega Pack, if you need anything from it post up and I will search the book and give you an assist just as you have done for me. I was gonna buy the 6 for the 24 bucks just rather buy the whole set and use that 24 bucks towards it. Thanks again for these 5, they will get me well on my way on this project. I will buy the whole set before needing them the next time, looks like a high quality set to get.
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    6 Graphic #'s from Mega Collection Wanted/Needed

    I went to the vector art mega collection website and just searched to find them. Just type in the number and a small pic is shown. #33666 - is a car jack. #36917 - "jonnie b's" auto repair, they changed out the name of course. #36916 - has a battery, alternator, spark plug, water pump maybe, not sure what it is, the pics are so small on their website #34699 - spark plug with flames #36215 - a black background with multiple tools on it. (gonna be cut as a replacement banner) #34687 - Wrench with Wings Oh and #36918 is a shock, muffler, air impact gun, and a ratchet wrench with a socket on it graphic. Thanks
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    Need Harley Davidson with wings for garage floor

    Thanks. I know someone who would Love me to cut him one or two of these in color.
  5. A friend of mine owns a machine shop so I can get the steel stock pretty reasonable, he has racks and racks of stock on hand. I can make it without the dimensions but if someone has this rack I would appreciate some bigger pics with measurements please. Looks to be 3 rectangles of 3/4" square stock? What size are the rectangles? On the Tall rectangle, whats the spacing for the 2 extra bars? And what size and spacing are the Loops that hold the vinyl rolls? I have looked at it on a few vendors sites and see its screwed together I will just mig weld mine. Thanks
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    Nice job neron15210
  7. American And Proud

    Magnetic sign

    Your welcome. It works great, your gonna love it, all 4 corners match and simple to use.
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    10oz vs 13oz Banners

    Example, Earl Mich (Local to me) has 14oz. White Big Foot Banner Rolls in 45"x12 yard rolls for $74.25 and 45"x24 yard rolls for $138.91. These hemmed rolls have grommets every 1
  9. American And Proud

    10oz vs 13oz Banners

    10oz is for very short term use. Like a one day or weekend event type thing. Not long term use. Use at least 13oz for your use. There are several kinds/types of banner material, search your local vendors and read the specs. Buy banner material in rolls, cut to length. Already hemmed top and bottom just hem tape the ends and add corner grommets, the length will already have them in place every foot or so.
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    Grommets and banner is bunched up

    Good to hear, I noticed you got it working in your post on Signs101.
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    Grommets and banner is bunched up

    I bought the Hiker H-901B press and mine goes just like James press too. I even read the Directions. lol " The grommet goes on the top die with the barrel side pointing down, and the washer goes on the bottom die with the curved side down." You can set the Hiker to do thin banners all the way up to doing 10mm coroplast.
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    tutor for felxi star 8.5's_new.htm
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    Magnetic sign

    Looks very good, nice work. I like the color over just a white magnet. Do yourself a big favor though, go to wal-mart and get the 6.00 corner rounder in the craft section and use it to Round the corners of the magnets. Square corners get caught by the wind easier and off go the magnets while driving. And a unhappy customer.
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    GET ONE! Works Great! Watch the Vids for it.
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    Returning customer

    Another nice one neron.
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    Simple trailer job.

    Looks Good Vette. Nice job.
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    Ice Cram truck just finished

    You did an AWSOME job on that ! Looks Great. Some of the ice cream trucks around here look like crap, I mean with a million stickers just placed on top of each other year after year and paper and marker price signs taped on. Our town won't even allow ice crean trucks after a child was hit by one.
  18. Dakota, I believe YOU are the one being the "instigator" here. Not I. sbeilstein 's complaint is based on a ongoing problem "In to our second year, and still not working." This post he started on Feb 25, 2010. Levi Replied on Feb 25th as well stating-"Beilstein, I am currently working on the issue. We should have your cutter out of the door today. FYI we have reversed the recent changes that we made to our phone system. This should make it much easier to get through to our support/sales team over the phone." It was not shipped that day now was it? BannerJohn makes little Digs like this one -"I hate to say it, but that's typical Brandon Davis. I would call HIM and keep calling til I reached him." And others in this post alone and your not insulting his integrity, but you choose to do so aimed at me, on what grounds? I voiced my opinion, you don't like it, tough. I have given good advice to file a formal complaint to get speedier results than have been happening, again you don't like it, Tough. And as for my informative post with absolutely Nothing "negative" in or about it, there was NO mention by anyone it was resolved until 6 minutes AFTER I made my informative post. I am not going to get into some mocho peeing match with you, as Mark Twain said- "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." And as far as my choice to utilize the BOLD function on the forum, Not that you asked or cared to really know why or is any of your business either, But I have had 2 major Eye surgeries as a child, and a Bolded text is easier on my eyes to see and read. When I am reading books I use magnafying glasses to enlarge the text to avoid eye strain. This has nothing to do with needing Prescription glasses either. So Dakota, Never Assume, only your ignorance shines through when you do. Have a wonderful day.
  19. I been reading and watching these posts John, also saw your post about deleting and or moving posts too. I just posted this because the OP and or anyone else having Problems getting timely results should not be taken advantage of by a company. Any company. And the Attorney Generals Office in which a company resides in is the proper place to file a formal complaint. That won't cost the consumer a dime. They are Voted into office and are Eager to work for you to get you results. I have only offered contact info for sbeilstein, it's up to them to decide if it is a step they want or need to take or not. And like you said John- Posted on: Today at 09:19:41 AMPosted by: BannerJohn "yeah but the problem is, I'm not out there and all I can do is complain,just like you. And so far, I have been ignored, just like you. And you know doesn't feel good." No one likes to feel they have been ignored, or taken advantage of, as you said "it doesn't feel good" We have a legal system in place that will work for the consumer, people just need to utilize the services available to us all in the U.S.of A.
  20. Contact the Attorney Generals Office for Washington. Rob McKenna will be more than happy to help. They are their to Help Comsumers. Our call centers are open M-F 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 1.800.551.4636 (in Washington only) Complaint Process Our staff will evaluate your complaint. *If your complaint is within our area of responsibility: 1.The complaint will be assigned to a staff member. 2.In most cases that person will send a copy of your complaint letter, and supporting documents, to the business and ask for a response. 3.We will let you know the name of the staff member handling your complaint and what has been done. Should you have any new information, you should send it to the attention of that person. 4.Most firms will respond, but it may take three weeks or more from the time you first register your complaint. 5.If we don
  21. American And Proud

    To stand...or not to stand?

  22. American And Proud

    MH-871 upgrade question

    I think you would be Crazy to tear apart your Graphtec or any working cutter, to try experimenting and saving the MH 871 cutter. Blow it up and your buying a Graphtec motherboard for no good reason at all. Cut your Losses on the MH 871, if it currently is not working sell it as a parts cutter, or buy yet Another motherboard install it and Dump it on craigslist while it's still working. Adding another 80.00 motherboard isnt going to get you a whole lot more for it, only add another 80.00 in the hole for you. The 871 isn't worth the expense of 3 motherboards unless you got them under warranty for free, but considering the cutter is less than $400.00 on usc's website, and they have the MH 871 up on ebay now with a buy it now for $319.99 with free shipping, a motherboard is about a 1/4 or 1/3rd of the price of the whole cutter,(they are 80.00 plus 9.99 to ship it) Not worth the investment since yours keeps blowing them. Obviously you have never recieved an actual FIX for your cutter, just a band-aid typical replace the motherboard ya that'll work. Sell it on craigs list at least the buyer won't have as much already invested in it as you might have already depending if those 3 motherboards were warranty items. Add in the costs of shipping and you could have bought another 871 and hoped it wasn't a Lemon from the start. (Blowin 3 motherboards in 6 months use sounds like a Lemon to me.IMO) Unless your doing something terribly wrong with the cutter to cause it to blow that many motherboards. If thats not the case (user error) then something Else is causing those motherboards to blow and you were misdiagnosed from the start as to what is really wrong with it. If the ROOT of whats causing the motherboard to blow was not corrected they will just keep on blowing. Heck sell the stand alone for $125.00-$150.00, theres at least a market for them from buyers who first chose not to buy one then later want it. And sell the cutter alone for a parts cutter.
  23. Shipping problems, LONG waits for product to be delivered,(about 2 full weeks in my case) and Missing rolls without explanations and then promised Credits Not Credited, only to be told on your NEXT order we will issue it, are not good ways to run a business. No offer to send the Missing roll, they did not have it,(I Asked for it) and refusal to return the money I already paid for the roll, to either my credit card or paypal accounts, I again asked that that be done, only to get we will double the Credit we had already Promised you on your order to be applied the NEXT time you place an order. They had 2 chances to make good, they did Not. And just plain refused to refund MY money, for product Not delivered. That initial $10.00 store credit has cost them plenty, in future sales from me, I placed over $1,200.00 in orders with usc and they Lost my business on how they handle things. (Shipping and customer service/tech support.) I have since made close to another $5,000.00 in purchases from other vendors,(more vinyls, Graphtec cutter, Flexi Pro, vinyl roll racks, Books, Clipart CD's, banners, tools, magnetic roll, and other supplies to name a few.) local to me and online vendors without the Problems I had experienced with usc. Their customer service/tech support is spotty at best, another reason I walked away from dealing with them. Just Not worth the time and aggrevation needed, to deal with them, to save a buck or two. And how much are you really saving with their tactics when dealing with their paying customers? Not to mention the cutter I did buy from them cannot cut straight diagonal lines without them being cut Jaggedly, instead of straight and smooth as they should be. Some will say theirs cuts well, but that does not matter if the one you bought, does Not. I never did expect it to cut fine small detail, but your average sized stuff should be at least usable. USC gave me absolutly No reason to continue purchasing from them.
  24. American And Proud

    Plexiglass signs

    If you did not try bending yours yet here is a Vid "This video segment will show you how to bend plastic using the BriskHeat Strip Heater." And a link to another site with another style thats not real expensive.
  25. American And Proud

    Finished 2 more signs today.

    Those look good. Congrats on all the new work too. You'll be surprized at how FAST Beacon Graphics gets that new Graphtec to your door. I called and paid my Graphtec and FlexiSIGN Pro off and in Less than 2 days it was HERE even with Free UPS shipping. I was truely impressed with Beacon, first class business all around. Watch the vids on the graphtec DVD. Good info on it. Done by Mark Rugen for them.