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  1. tasly

    New computer with windows 8.1 Errors

    I know this is a few months old, but can you please tell me if uninstalling SBE will erase my SBE files??? Do I need to back them up? TIA
  2. tasly

    Help with a logo/ font and pricing??

    Thanks One Off Grafx. Quick question if you don't mind. As for the .14 an inch, is that per SQUARE inch?? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for your input Coaster, I really appreciate it. I don't want to undercut the shop guys who are trying to make a living either. I too have to make some money and time is money so I don't want to "give" my time away either, KWIM? I think I'll charge $50 and call it a day The materials cost less than $5 for 631 matte and I will basically use her payment to buy the two rolls since I don't yet have those colors...build my inventory :/ Thanks again!
  4. FYI, this is the word. I took out the shadowing, so the word is just 2 colors layered.
  5. I know I just posted yesterday regarding pricing a car job, but I am REALLY struggling with pricing jobs. Again, I downloaded the excel calculator on here. I do know how to use it, but what I have a hard time with is what is reasonable for a shop hourly rate, artwork hourly rate, and misc. hourly rate. AND what to charge per letter. For 14" letters, I came up with $3 per letter x 2 since it is layered. The program came with a default of $60/hr for artwork. I dropped that to $30. Example: I vectorized the Pokemon word, 2 layered colors. The final will be 14" tall x 38" wide. I got $72.99 That seems soo high for a "sticker" for a kiddo's room, but it is what it is I guess. What do you all think. Oh, BTW, I did try the L x W x .07 as other suggested too. Since it's layered, I got $74.48 Do you NOT charge double for the second layer/color of the same??
  6. tasly

    Help with a logo/ font and pricing??

    Thanks everyone for your input! Sorry, didn't put the measurements. It will finish at 29 wide x 16 tall, all white. L is her first initial and that's her predesigned logo (not by me ) LOL I quoted her $110 after searching all over the web and finding everything from $30 to $135. I think she wasn't too thrilled with the quote since she said she'd "give it some thought". Ugh. I then threw in small side window decals of her number and website to sweeten the deal. Also note that the above is just her logo, the final product has 3" letters of her web address and her phone number below that. Is $110 too high for everything and at that size, also I will install. Thanks again, very much appreciated!!
  7. Do you mind sharing if this was an intermediate or higher vinyl? Like 651 or 751 since that changes the profits considerably. I have a customer that wants her company's work truck done and trying to figure out pricing...Ugh. Thanks!
  8. tasly

    Help with a logo/ font and pricing??

    Okay, kept searching (of course ) and found a new-to-me site... www.whatfontis.com and was able to identify the top font as KG Somebody That I Used to Know and the bottom as Gabriola (which I did already have :-/ ) So...about the pricing? Any tips/thoughts...PLEASE? Thanks all.
  9. Hi all! I have recently started ramping up in orders and am getting my feet wet with this customization stuff. I will be doing the logo along with her name/number for her back car window. I'm thinking $60, she applies, $75 if I apply. It will be in Oracal 651. Is that a going rate for a single color window decal?? FYI, I did just download the excel vinyl calculator but it's got a bit of a learning curve and time is of the essence, LOL. Can you please help me identify a font used in this logo?? I have looked through my hundreds of fonts and can't seem to find the one Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm operating from home now too, these are some good tips. Thanks to all who shared
  11. Great idea, TFS!! Could I also use your picture to "sell" the idea, I live in Virginia? Appreciate all the details you provided also!
  12. tasly

    SignBlazer E. and Register pop up form

    AWESOME MX2!! Thank you so much.
  13. tasly

    How to check and set communication settings for USB com ports

    I can't thank you enough! My cutter is finally talking to my computer!
  14. tasly

    homemade solution comparable to rapid tac2

    Great tips, thanks to all for sharing this info and your recipes
  15. Hi all, please help me. I am sooo frustrated! I am trying to add the Oracal 631 colors to signblazer so that I have a more realistic replica of what the design will look like for customers. Here is what I've tried: Select an object Double click on its color at the bottom, this opens a 'color adjust' window. From here I duplicate a color that is already in a pallet and then make all the changes, including the color name and then save. PROBLEM: when I come back to the pallet, the color is nowhere to be found!! UGH. So, if anyone knows how to add a new pallet, change an existing one, etc. I would really love it if you wouldn't mind sharing the how to with me :/ TIA for any and all suggestions! Sunny