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  1. may0024

    Error: Cannot find the security key

    Thanks for everyone's advice. Yes, I installed all of the correct updated drivers. I spoke with Sentinel and it seems that the issue is not the key, it is installed and recognized by my computer. Seems the issue is with Flexi talking with the key. Not sure what a HASP key refers to? The key looks like a flask drive that connects into a USB.
  2. may0024

    Seiki 870T

    Thank you, I appreciate your input! I think I will have to upgrade, that seems to be the cheaper route for me.
  3. may0024

    Seiki 870T

    I purchased this cutter a few years ago and stop using it when I upgraded my computer and could not get the FlexiStarter to work. I would like to use it again, does anyone know of a free cutting program that is compatible with this cutter? I've tried upgrading the driver to get the Flexi going to no avail. I currently use CorelDrawX3 with Cutting Master 2 for my CraftRobo Pro but could not get the Seiki to cut with it. TIA!
  4. may0024

    Error: Cannot find the security key

    I have FlexiStarter 8.6 v1 with a Sentinel dongle key. I used it on a previous computer running Vista with no issues. I have tried to install in on my current computer (Windows 7 64 bit) but continue to receive the error: "Cannot find the security key that matches the password". The people at SAi have been very patient with me, but nothing seems to get it to work. I have updated the driver, uninstalled, reinstalled multiple times. One thing I have noticed is when I go to install, it wants to update instead of install. Does that mean it is not completely uninstalling the driver? Is there a magic trick to get it to work??? TIA!
  5. may0024

    Bass drum- or Snare drum?

    Grabbed some, thanks for the post.
  6. may0024

    Hexi Chalkboard Vinyl

    If you've used/sold the Hexi chalkboard vinyl, could you please give a review? I've had some for a while, intending to sell it, but have lived in a rental and haven't been able to test it out. I would like to market it for use on indoor walls and want to be sure it is as removeable as 631. Also, how much are you selling it for? When I look on Etsy, some are selling it for .04 per square inch, the same as their 631. But it costs twice as much! Just hoping to get input to see if it's worth my time to market it, or just put it in our playroom and call it a loss. Thanks!!
  7. Thank you for the help, will see if any of these work for her!!
  8. may0024

    Need help to ID a font

    Feel Script
  9. may0024

    Need help with this font

    Lavishly Yours
  10. How would my friend cut directly from Corel X3 instead of using SignCut? She was designing in Corel, then exporting and cutting in SignCut, but her subscription to SignCut has expired. I use Cutting Master for my cutting program (different plotter obviously), and it cuts directly from Corel. Is there something similar that she can use? Or a free cutting program that is compatible with the LaserPoint? TIA
  11. may0024

    Buzz lightyear and Woody

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. I'm having problems with the paper backing not lifting from vinyl backing. The design weeds well and releases well at the time of tape application. When a customer tries to apply, the paper is sticking to the back of some of the design. I've re-installed the blade & tried different depths. Any advice?
  13. may0024

    Looking for a SMURF!

    Thanks for the Smurfs
  14. may0024

    Papa Smurf Outline eps

    Thanks for posting.