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  1. I'd had the CJ-500 for a while, and was thinking of upgrading to solvent. However if I made the switch can I still print on regular media be used to? I'm using some cheap paper from HP and wonder if it'll work with solvent inks.
  2. itszjay

    Where to buy cheap t-shirt?

    Well, after doing some math, since I'm just starting. I went with But thanks for all these info!
  3. I wanna to buy some water based screen printing ink. I'm planing to print on different color t-shirts. The problem is for what I'm planing to do, I'm not sure which one to buy the Transparent or Opaque ones. It said on the site that Opaque is better for screen printing on dark color shirts, but can I use the transparent on let say a darker color shirt? By the way I'm looking at the EnviroLine Water Based Inks. Any help would be greatly appreciate!!! Also I'm planing to print some t-shirt for my friend, wonder if there is any kind of supply needed, he already has some Wood Screens and Squeegee. Any other supply you think I'll need?
  4. itszjay

    Where to buy cheap t-shirt?

    For, I don't really see the shipping rate. Anyone the rate?
  5. itszjay

    Where to buy cheap t-shirt?

    Well, I just went to walmart. They were selling 6 Hanes White Shirts for $8. But the quality isn't that great. So I only got like 4 packs to try it out. If I were to order a lot online, any good site for large amount of t-shirts? I found this place call on google, wonder if is any good?
  6. itszjay

    Where to buy cheap t-shirt?

    Nice, I'll go to walmart to check them out. Buying it online cost a lot, because it the shipping.
  7. I was wondering where to buy t-shirt for a really low price. I looked at some that was cheap, but shipping was a lot of money.