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  1. Sorry to bump up an older thread but I'm going to agree with vicstransam - I'm awaiting new blades from online but I need to cut some stuff NOW. I was searching through the forum and wanted to find out the solution to problems I was having with my cutting. Turns out I have a bad dull blade - my last one. I went to a local crafts store in the Detroit area (Michael's) and found that they had Cricut accessories, specifically a 2-pack of replacement blades for $9.99 - they fit my original PCut CTN-630 holder just like the original PCut blades, virtually the same length and thickness. I just cut something with it and it works perfectly. Once my new 60 degree Roland blades arrive I'm going to use those and use these Cricut blades as back-ups. In a pinch they work excellent so if there are those looking for blades give these a try! On the back of the package on the bottom left the item number is 290002 "Cricut Tool Replacement Blades" and the UPC code is 093573840029, pictured below. They appear to be made by Provo Craft. Just wanted to provide a solution for folks looking for temp or replacement blades quickly.
  2. << Where can I find the newbie manual? >> +1, I'm still no further.
  3. Hi Paco, thanks for your reply. For COM4 I have: 9600 bps, Data bits 8, Parity NONE, Stop bits 1, Flow control is Hardware. OK, I figured out what the problem was, I wrote my wife's first name and got it to write out. You may want to address that there is a dropdown just above the COMM SETTINGS button, and it's the field for OUTPUT DEVICE. It has to match the COM that the USB cord is plugged into. In my case I'm plugged in to COM4, but my OUTPUT DEVICE dropdown indicated USB001. I didn't see that anywhere in your instructions. Next step is to follow the manual you wrote and proceed to putting in the blade and the vinyl. Now I'm getting way ahead of myself so here goes: I'm decent at Photoshop and it can save my drawing that I need to cut as Photoshop .eps files. How do I import those in to the SBE program? I saved an .eps file in a folder and couldn't figure out how to open that file in the SBE program. Thanks again and I'm sure there'll be more next time!
  4. I'm still totally stuck! I have the USB connection in the front, COM 4, my cable isn't long enough to reach the back. I was able to draw the square with the pen a month ago, and that's it. I next try the bit about the HELP and I can get it to 5 x 5 like you indicated in your manual, I go to CUTTER, press CUT TILE, and then...... ........nothing happens. I tried it several times, nada. It says it's ON-LINE. So I shut it down and bailed out. Oh yeah, the fan works! ADDED: I did install the driver you indicated if you're using a USB connection. I also made sure that "Serial Enumerator/Emulation" is ticked.
  5. Thanks Paco, I haven't gone that far yet, I just put the pen attachment in it last night. There are 2 holes in the holder, I put it in the first one. I'll try re-connecting the USB to one of the ones in the back to see what happens.
  6. Thanks for your replies, I'll give it a try this evening once I get home. I'd really like to get going on making some vinyl decals for my hoodliner business!
  7. Thanks for the replies! Paco - when I pressed PAUSE once it was set to offline. The manual that came with the machine says to press PAUSE twice. I did so after I posted my initial question and I got the small rectangle to print. It does nothing further after that. bamafan - I'll have to try plugging it in to one of the free back ones, but first I'll need to get a longer USB printer cable. The one I have is barely making it to the front now. I didn't think it mattered much?
  8. Hi and thanks for this great forum. I bought a Creaton PCUT CTN630 and it's assembled on the stand. Looking through here and reading many topics hasn't helped much, unless I can't figure out what to do. I have the .doc file for newbies and I'm stuck at the point where the plotter pen is supposed to print the test square. Nothing happens when I press the PAUSE button - no movement, nothing. The fan is operating though! I went ahead and opened the SignBlazer Elements and typed the word HELP and then did the command to cut to the A4 paper and nothing happens. The fan is still operating! I have 6 USB ports, 2 of them in the front and it's plugged into the right-most one. I inserted the blue disc that came with it but can't get anything to install off it. I did manage to load the SignBlazer Elements program. I have a PC, Windows XP Pro SP2, tons of space on the 500GB hard drive. I downloaded and ran the driver the .doc indicated to run if I'm using solely the USB since I don't have a spare serial port - my monitor is connected to the only serial port. Did I miss a step? Looks to be a great instrument, if I can use it! Thanks!!! Gonzo tbirddmnd@att.net