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  1. xstreme

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    I have cut my losses and I am I done! Maybe I can save someone the headache I went through.
  2. xstreme

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    It is sad when a company will not suck it up and just replace the unit with a new one like I paid for. They would rather throw their return policy in your face and more or less tell you either spend the money and waste your time or cut your losses. In short we don't care we sold you a new machine that has had two mother boards and an IO board and has not work from the first day you got it back in August of this year. Or you have lost customers, time, money, and trust in us. Business is booming here thanks for your money. We have our "Policy"! Nice policy you got there US Cutter!
  3. xstreme

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    Ok I am officially done with US Cutter. I have had two mother boards and a new IO Board in this unit since August when I purchased it new. It has not worked right from day one. I have had the wavy lines on the cut since day one and all of the freezing in the middle of cuts. I have wasted hundreds of dollars in material. Lost over two thousand dollars in orders and lost customers that have been with me for years because of this machine not working. Now Levi says I can send this thing back to have them look at it. That is five days from Ga., 3-5 days for them to look at it and then 3-5 days back. Another 15 days without the NEW cutter I paid for. That would make it almost 4 months dealing with this issue. That is crazy, enough already I am not going to be forced into speeding more money for a unit that is supposed to be new and work out of the box. I don
  4. xstreme

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    Ok, I spoke with Levi on this cutter. I am still getting the wavy lines but only on a the angles that like 45 degrees or so. The other lines are straight. I took this machine to my home and used my laptop there. I did a complete fresh in stall of SB and the Drivers. Used a brand new USB cable and still same result. I even tried the office four doors down and one across the street from me, same result as the post above. By the way the first computer is running vista and the second one is XP. Were do me go from here. I have had this cutter since August and it has been nothing more than dead space in my office and what seems to be an endless headache.
  5. xstreme

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    I have been waiting all morning for them to open to call. I have tried the support tickets before actually three times and never got a response.
  6. xstreme

    Promoting Piracy

    Bite me! Sorry. I admit when I am wrong sometimes
  7. xstreme

    Promoting Piracy

    Bannerjohn, slow your roll. You deleted the post about the atv templates saying it was promoting Piracy. It was my understanding that the guy selling the items on Craigslist is the producer of the items and there was nothing in the add saying that it could not be shared once you purchased it. He had them on CL due to the fact they were not selling on he own site for the high price. So he thought he would try to run it at a lower cost on CL. Just my two cents worth.
  8. xstreme

    Received my 3rd cutter and still problems

    Just to recap my problem here. I was constantly having my cutter stop in the middle of a cut and tried everything and could not get it to work. So I was sent a new mother board and still had the same problem. Then Levi said it had to be the IO board so I waited another week and got that part in last night at 5pm because fed-ex sucks. I get the part replace fire up the cutter and did a couple small things in SB just to test. It seams to cut the small stuff, been afraid to cut larger and waste material. Any way in the process I noticed I still have the wave cut going on like I did before. There is no way I can send this to a customer. I have attached a sample to look at. You have to zoom in to see the cut. I have tried adjusting the force from 100 all the way down to 50 with the speed set at 16 (this is what the sample was cut at. I get the same result on every setting. The machine is grounded to the stand, the stand to the screw for the plug and the computer is grounded to the same as well. It is a solid ground everywhere. The blade on the cutter is just not even leaving a mark on the paper but cutting tough the vinyl with no problem. I am using Oracal 651 by the way. The other issue is the fact that when it cuts small circles and such it over runs the cut and it is off a little at the end. I am watching the cutter and the material is staying complete straight and yes I have all three rollers down and secure. I am at a loss with this machine and a financially as well. I think these cutter have major issues.
  9. xstreme

    needing Maltese cross like this one

    This one is close it is a wmf you can import it in to Corel or Illustrator it is missing the Circle with the fire in it. But it should be a big start for you PF0752.zip PF0752.zip
  10. Pay him after the job is done! You suck, you no geta paid!!!!
  11. Bannerjohn gets so much money from USC for doing this he has to have a dump truck take the money to the bank....lmao All joking aside I really hate to see someone get the shaft end of a deal. You could contact PayPal but you would get better luck dealing with your bank or credit card company direct. It would be much faster and 98% of the time you will get your money back faster. I really I mean if you really want to post up here for a third party that is up to the USC Mods. I just really think dealing with your bank or credit card direct is the best. PayPal is a pain in the butt and want to email back and forth for weeks.
  12. Try heating the vinyl and app tape it lightly, it will make it more flexible. Light-being the key word.
  13. Snap, that is a very good idea, I never thought about that. I am lazy and hate to climb too! thanks for the tip.
  14. I base everything on different aspects: How large is the job and time needed, how fast they need it, how much work I have at the time and if I am in a bad mood (just joking) but in most cases I tell everyone 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS. There is really no set of rules to follow in my book. You just have to use your best judgment.
  15. Or can't afford them!