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  1. Not sure where to put this but here it goes.

    I use Inkscape to trace my images and have for a while. Recently any *.eps i create in Inkscape will not open in Roland Cutstudio. Every time i try to import it it claims its a bad format.

    any idea why this is happening? I have closed CutStudio and reopened it i have also restarted the computer, nothing seems to work.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Im new to heat press vinyl and im looking for some that appears, once applied, closer to a screened shirt. Or something that doesnt look like its just heat pressed vinyl. Thanks in advance for all help.

  3. Looking for vehicle templates mainly looking for mustangs at this time. Need to be able to have an idea of the designs i want to do and be able to know roughly how much i need to cut. anyone know of or have good vehicle templates? (software?).

    Thanks in adavance.

  4. Ok so i have had problems with this second roll of R-tape, it wrinkles way too easy when running the squeegee across it. It also seems to have problems when rolling a decal up for shipping. The first roll i had worked great but this second roll is horrible. does anyone have recommendations on good app tape? (Not looking for clear tape) I use oracal 651 and some times some 3M vinyl.