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  1. lonestarcountrymusic

    Looking for someone who can vectorize this quickly please.

    WHat about the outline part of huskies?
  2. Need this done asap please. Thanks in advance.
  3. lonestarcountrymusic

    Which one are you using?

    Which vehicle template setup are you using for graphics and where did you get?
  4. lonestarcountrymusic

    Looking for Kryptek

    Anyone have some Kryptek style patters already vectorized they can send me?
  5. lonestarcountrymusic

    What font?

    What is the font used by matel when they spell out barbie?
  6. lonestarcountrymusic

    .eps bad format?

    the files do open in SB and then i can export from SB as *.EPS file and then CutStudio will open it.
  7. lonestarcountrymusic

    .eps bad format?

    Just uninstalled and re-installed Cutstudio and still has the same error.
  8. lonestarcountrymusic

    .eps bad format?

    it can open all the previous *.eps files just not the ones im creating now.
  9. lonestarcountrymusic

    .eps bad format?

    here is one of the images i used Inkscape. Imported the image, traced bitmap, deleted the original image and saved it as *.eps. batman-begins-logo.eps
  10. lonestarcountrymusic

    .eps bad format?

    i dont understand how it couldnt be compatible, it used to work and now it doesnt all of a sudden.
  11. lonestarcountrymusic

    .eps bad format?

    Not sure where to put this but here it goes. I use Inkscape to trace my images and have for a while. Recently any *.eps i create in Inkscape will not open in Roland Cutstudio. Every time i try to import it it claims its a bad format. any idea why this is happening? I have closed CutStudio and reopened it i have also restarted the computer, nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance.
  12. lonestarcountrymusic

    Which heat press vinyl?

    Im new to heat press vinyl and im looking for some that appears, once applied, closer to a screened shirt. Or something that doesnt look like its just heat pressed vinyl. Thanks in advance for all help.
  13. lonestarcountrymusic

    Oracal Color Question

    do you have a color chart for oracal that you looked at? i cant find mine.
  14. lonestarcountrymusic

    Oracal Color Question

    which color green in the intermediate oracal is closest to John Deere green?
  15. lonestarcountrymusic

    Vehicle Templates?

    ill have to see do you think those will work with InkScape?