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  1. theccinc

    Titan 3

    I believe that is a rebranded SAGA cutter search for saga cutter parts..?
  2. theccinc

    SCALP and Zencut Black

    What version of Scal do you have. I have newest version and it does not have zencut as an option.. did u select USCutter or something else?
  3. Only White and Black is 20.99 the other colors are 23.99
  4. well that is what I meant.I am running serial from cutter to keyspan and to usb into computer. Strictly running usb to usb causes all kinds of random cuts when we tried usb to usb. As far as drivers and software I have tried 4 different computers.. I have tried 4 different software packages.. We spent one whole week trying to get this thing to work.. I am not at work now so I am trying to rememeber everything we tried.. I know we used signcut and a gcc driver we tried all the drivers we could pick in the gcc range.. we tried the software that came with the cutter which i think was a gcc branded software and we tried all drivers in that one as well.. we would only introduce one variable at a time... I dont remember which variable combination now that it finally started to read all 4 sensors .. most of the time it would just read one or 2 sensors and error. but we thought we had hit the right combination when it read all 4 sensors but i just sat there idle and then timed out or something. We also emailed Gcc they sent some stuff we should try but did not work.. It very well could be something we are doing that it does not work.. It took us a while to get the laserpoint to cut 13 x 19 paper.. actually it only worked on signcut after they started supporting it.. it never worked with the free software uscutter was offering.. I can't even remember the name of that was pretty good software for everything else it just would not contour cut anything bigger than 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. I actually never got any support from uscutter on this problem as well. I called a couple times sent files and never got an answer of why it did not work. as long as it worked on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper to them then it was not a problem with cutter. Anyway we just cannot afford to put anymore hours in trying to get it to work.. We will just purchase something from somewhere that will give us some support afterwards for contour cut. Thanks for trying to help but I assure you between 2 people here and 2 people from another sign company coming over to look at this we tried every combination possible.. The one thing we did notice that I did not like in order for it to read the registration marks you had to have the marks so far in from all 4 sides you had hardly any area left.. say for example on a 8.5 x 11 sheet you would only have like 4 or 5 inches of decal area.. if you had the marks closer to the edges the cutter could not read them.. the manual gave the specs of how far in they have to be.. Pretty much you need to be cutting large vinyl.. we were cutting like 13x19 vinyl and on the laserpoint we could get at least 11 x 17 print area with it. on the zencut you can get about 8.5 x 11 print area because of where the registration marks have to be.
  5. no usb on any uscutter products they seem to be very unstable on usb. Serial only. I did not even try usb on the zencut since I could not use usb on the other uscutter products I have.
  6. it has been a while since I have messed with it but it will not contour cut at first it would not read the registration marks at all it would scan and scan the first mark and give error.. well after some adjustments and just using a test print from us cutter. .It would go and read all 4 registration marks and then stop never cuts.. It will cut vinyl fine.. It is a very fast and quiet machine great for cutting vinyl of all types and sizes actually very happy with all that part of the cutter it is very impressive but I bought it to contour cut decals and it does not work .. I have to cut my contour cuts on a laserpoint .. if you know much about uscutters the laserpoint does not have sensors it just cut by setting the laser at a certain point.. We wanted very accurate cuts that is why we bought the zencut..
  7. Well the thing is I am not having a bad day.. I guess the non service I have been getting from them just all added up.. and yes the main reason I purchase from them is the price and shipping price.. but sometimes that is not everything I have realized.. I just looked at my uscutter account I have spent 2,239.00 since January of this year with them.. I am sure that is not much profit for them either.. I have no idea what the profit margin on vinyl is but I bet it is not much.. So they have to make their money off the volume.. So,, I realize that if you buy from them you are pretty much just a order to them not a customer.. and that is fine.. I am ok with that.. because I do not want or need any hand holding.. I hate companies that call you after you place an order to thank you or try to sell you something esle etc. etc. I just want to order and get my order and if I do have a problem I will email and expect an answer at least within a day or 2.. even if it is not the answer I want to hear. Out of respect some kind of answer. Like I said I have a black zencut here that will not contour cut.. I am pretty sure has a sensor problem.. I have emailed twice maybe three times on that no answer..I even wrote on this forum about this problem. only to be told I need to call them. well I can't be at machine and call them no phone here in warehouse and cell phone does not work in the warehouse.. So I never call.. I only called this time because I needed this vinyl Friday for a project and I had emailed them several times with no answer so I had no choice but tramped across the street to the office and make a call.. and then to be put on hold to get a tracking # for like 20 minutes. So i hang up go outside and call from my cellphone and get another customer service rep that practically calls me a liar and then lies to me and gives no excuses of where my package is and oh he did say maybe fedex will deliver it today.. and I said oh what is that tracking # and he talks over me like I am an idiot and says it ships from somewhere else he did not have tracking #.. I JUST HAVE TO LAUGH NOW THAT I GET A TRACKING # THAT IT HAS SHIPPED TODAY AND THAT HE WAS LYING TO ME THIS WHOLE TIME.. AGAIN I AM NOT HAVING BAD DAY..ACTUALLY A GOOD DAY.. I JUST DO NOT LIKE TO BE BLANTANTLY DISREPECTED..
  8. I dont need to follow the package.. I assume you must work for uscutter a new system as nothing to do with treating a customer with respect.\.. If it is true they have a new system.. then the customer service person should have explained to me that they have a new system.. a simple sorry your order was misplaced in the new system. .. I got none of that.. We all run businesses here.. and we all know customers can be a pain in the ass.. but totally ignoring all communication is going to get you nothing but trouble in business.. A simple email saying I will get back to you on that or anything puts a customer at ease.. I am not even in customer service ends of things in this business but that is number # 1 key you learn when in a business..Like I said if they had even read one of my emails they would have noticed that my order made 7 days ago still had not shipped.. I still have no email communication except for the standard shipped email that is auto generated .. Communication is key in business..If you do not work for uscutter you should be.... you have been prompt in giving excuses for them..If they had answered like you have I would not be here writing this now. Just one excuse from them would have been enough to keep me happy.. but no.. I had to be ignored then when I call had to be treated like trash.
  9. I also order from another company for supplies and the service is like night and day with uscutter.. the only reason I was purchasing from uscutter was due to somethings the other place does not carry and I like uscutters brand of transfer tape.. for example from the other supplier each and everytime I email the other company I get an answer usually within 15 minutes longest 1 hour.. Also just last week I ordered a 50 yard roll of vinyl along with 4 rolls of 10 yard vinyl. they accidently shipped 10 yard roll on the black instead of 50 yard.. I emailed them (which is much easier for use the phone I have to walk across the street to office area to use phone.. in warehouse we only have computers so email for me is only and best communication for me) and within 30 minutes I had an answer with a tracking # that they were shipping out the 50 yard to me next day air at no charge.. now that is service!!!! and I did not even expect that.. since I had been dealing with uscutter I never had any kind of communication.. my order has been wrong only 2 times with uscutter but I never got it fixed due to not answering the emails. and I just did not have time to deal with it.. So when the other supplier wrote this I was just totally amazed.. They did not offer but one kind of transfer tape and do not offer a couple things that I need that I was getting on this order from UScutter.. I am going to contact them to see if they can contact these manuafacturers to carry these products.. I would like to deal with a company that has respect for me.. I do not need hand holding I don't nag nor ask for much.. just send me what I order and answer my emails and treat me with respect if I have to call with a problem .. FYI I just got an email with tracking # that my order is shipping today.. SO BOTTOM LINE I AM THE ONE WHO WAS LIED TO..
  10. No he did not say the words liar .. He repeated to me several times that it was impossible for that to happen. which in turn is saying I am a liar or what I was saying not true.. his attitude with it made me feel like he was saying you are a liar.
  11. Sorry,I have to disagree with that. , I just looked back in my emails I do not delete. they have answered one email out of 30 in the last 4 years.. No excuse for that. After 3 emails for this order someone just answer something.. Like I will get back with you on that.. and when I called which was a last resort to be rude to me.. just the last straw..
  12. Agreed.. I was fine until I called if they had just answered their emails it would have prevented all this... Actually I was fine even after holding for a long while waiting for the first guy to get back on the phone with a tracking #.. It was the second call with the rude person.. and it is tough to explain the rudeness in a post... it was his attitude and rudeness that put this to the point of no return.. He in all terms called me a liar saying there was no way i could have been on hold longer than 10 minutes.. I just got home and and asked my mother what time did she leave the office when I was on the phone and we figured out I was on hold at least 20 minutes.. I did hear a couple times it sound like someone picked up for a sec and put back on hold .. Bottom line I was irate when the customer service person told me it was impossible I was on hold for that long then he would not answer my questions so I felt like I was being lied to that is why I wrote the honesty portion.. I am very laid back and I would have been fine if I would just been given some type of answer.. and not called a liar...
  13. I so agree I was on hold for at least 15 minutes I know for sure.. felt like 20.. I called back on my cell phone because i was paying long distance on my office phone.. the guy called me a liar said it was impossible to be on hold for that long that the system did something after 10 minutes.. and on top of that he was super rude to me so I just hung up..
  14. First of I have been ordereing from UScutter for several years.. I have always rec. my items in good time they ship out right away. I have ordered 2 cutters from them and thousands of dollars in supplies.. Off the website and ebay.. Last week I place an order on Tuesday because I needed the material on Friday at the lastest.. I do not get a tracking # by Thursday so I leave a couple emails.. Well I do have to say they never answer their emails..I had a problem with cutter that I have never gotten fixed and they have never answered emails.. but I good still use the cutter for what I needed so I have not pressed the issue and this cutter is the zencut not cheap by any means.. Anyway to move on.. I wait for fedex today still not vinyl or transfer tape. Ok I have to call.. I wait a while before anyone answers the phone.. Finally a guy answers and says that the Hexis chalkboard was shipped from Hexis.. ok that is fine.. I dont need the chalkboard right now I need by other supplies. He puts me on hold and says he is going to get the tracking # .. I am on hold forever.. seemed liked 15 to 20 minutes to me and i am paying long distance.. so I call back on my cell phone.. yes someone answers.. he tells me there is no tracking information and that it is all shipping from another warehouse.. Ok I already know the hexis is shipping from hexis . the other supplies cannot ship from hexis so I asked him where is the other shipping from and has it shipped.. he says yes ok so what is the tracking #.. he does not have and now he is being rude and says I need to listen to him.. Ok tell me some truth here has it shipped or not.. "yes mam" he says. ok where is it shipping from.. now he says he has to put in a request for that.. OH MY GOD.. All i want the know is if the stuff has shipped yet.. Obiviouly it has not. I just got an email while typing this I get 3 emails from them 2 saying shipping separately and one saying it just shipped.. Ok what is up with that.. why cant they just be honest and say somehow your order got lost in the system we are shipping it out today.. AND WHY IS IT THEY DO NOT ANSWER EMAILS.. COME ON FOLKS YOU WOULD HAVE FIGURED OUT THIS HAD NOT SHIPPED YET IF YOU HAD LOOKED AT OR ANSWERED EMAILS.. I HAVE TO SAY I CANNOT HONESTLY EVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN.. JUST SOME HONESTY AND SOME NICE HELP GOES A LONG WAY IN SAVING A LONG TIME CUSTOMER..
  15. If I do get it working I will post something here on how to contour cut there is no reason for anyone esle to suffer with this like I have.. Lisa