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  1. VendettaVinyl

    Year is up

    Sign cut gave out, what should I go to now.......suggestion??!
  2. so my SignCut on my Refine wont let me but longer then 36 there a way to fix this. I need it to go up to 80 inches.
  3. VendettaVinyl


    Anyone know if its possible to paint heat presses? Mainly my JP12 and Jp14 the color is killing me slowing.
  4. VendettaVinyl


    Thanks guys, I know the file fee for Ohio is 125 - I have the papers. So I can be the agent as well as the one filing.?
  5. VendettaVinyl

    Displaying shirts

    How do you guys and girls display shirts at fairs and shows that are indoors? I cant figure it out!!!
  6. VendettaVinyl


    Hey guys, planning on filing to form the company to an LLC. Had a few questions if you have done it How to you file taxes? Can expenses be writing off? If so how much (in state of Ohio) Do I need a Lawyer to help file it? Whom can I put as the "Agent" on the form? Its only me so can I file myself for it?
  7. VendettaVinyl


    I can get the art work ready quickly, and it is for a window, roughly 24x18 inches
  8. How much to print this? Its for a buddy of mine and he only has a few bucks for his shop.
  9. Any one know where to get templates for sites or an easier way to make them? I am not HTML friendly.
  10. VendettaVinyl

    851 without stand?

    Working great as a table top cutter - no issues
  11. Anyone try this? Have an art show this weekend and cant fit the stand in my car.
  12. VendettaVinyl

    first shirt

    Thanks guys, now just wish USC would get back to me with a shipping error on their part!
  13. VendettaVinyl

    first shirt

    Siser EZ weed!
  14. VendettaVinyl

    Cutting twice

    I is just one but there is only one vector in the file. I took a JPG and created outlines for it in AI.
  15. VendettaVinyl

    Cutting twice

    Yea wish it was something like that but its me so it cant be.