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  1. Serzoni

    Please Help

    Is the cutter under warranty? How old is it?
  2. Serzoni

    Tearing up edges

    **UPDATE** I got my 4.3 firmware EPROM today and swapped out the 4.5 version. Night and day difference. Guess what? "50" on 4.3 is the same speed as "50" on 4.5. I can finally cut detailed things without shredding the vinyl. On 10 (which the new 50 is supposed to be the equivilent to), my test cut was going so slow that I got up, went to the kitchen, poured myself a drink, came back, and it was still only halfway finished. The test cut was my name in 1/2" high letters. On 50 with the 4.5, I wouldn't even have made it out of the room before the cut was finished. I'm good to go, now. Thanks, Howard.
  3. Serzoni

    Tearing up edges

    1. It's only making a single pass. 2. The vinyl is new. I've adjusted the blade depth in and out along with adjusting the pressure. No change in regards to the ripping and tearing. 3. The machine is a week old today. I called Tech Support and as posted above, they said that "50 is the old 10" and that if I wanted to get the old firmware, I would have to fork out the money for a replacement motherboard with the old firmware on it. He also suggested that I play with the pressure, which I did and as stated above, no luck. When I use the pen, everything is perfect.
  4. Serzoni

    Tearing up edges

    I called the same day as my last post and the guy on the phone told me I would have to pay to replace the entire motherboard and that it wasn't a warranty issue because the machine functioned?? I tried to cut some more decals last night and it seems as though things are getting worse. I've tried adjusting offset, pressure, and blade depth.. and nothing has changed. My friend who has used a laser point for quite a while with a lot of success keeps saying it's the cutting speed. I'm ready to throw this thing out to the road or Office Space it if I can't get it to cut like it's supposed to. Attached is a pic of some vinyl I tried to cut this morning before I left for work.
  5. Serzoni

    Tearing up edges

    Has there ever been a resolution to this? I just bought a PCUT that only goes down to 50 (firmware version 4.5) and compared to my friend's Laser Point (version 4.2), it's nearly twice as fast on 50 as his is on 10. My cutter is cutting WAAAAAY too fast for the small lettering that I need it to cut. I'm starting to think that I bought the wrong cutter for the jobs that I need to cut - small decals and paint masks for RC cars. It was my understanding that the PCUT and Laser Point were essentially the same cutter, but he never has any problems with small fonts on his cutter. We went through and compared settings and I never could prevent the vinyl from being pulled up on small lettering. It only seems to do it on the squared corners of the fonts. Fonts with rounded corners seem to be okay.