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  1. Need a mug press. Can anybody help? PT
  2. signwerx

    high end 48" plotter

    Thanx. Didn't see your mail. Already bought and received plotter. Sorry. Please resend though. I have two emails...Truck-man and signwerx. PT
  3. signwerx

    Which Printer

    ValueJet 54" cutter, 48" Prismjet (Mutoh), At home right now and can't remember the brand laminator. Do remember it was $3500. Duralam? PT
  4. signwerx

    Which Printer

    Please be advised, I contacted USC during the process because of this forum. Regretfully I purchased from SW. I already have a lot of their equipment and a great service relationship ie: no problems unattended. I still would like to buy some supplies and equipment from USC. Currently looking for a decal backslitter and 60"rotary cutter. Paid about $17,000. PT
  5. signwerx

    Which Printer

    Hey guys, I just purchased a 48" printer and 54" cutter and 53" cold laminator from the other guys. All I need now is to learn how to use it PT
  6. I just got into the printingnbusiness. Was my thought that any image could be printed just like on a regular desktop. WRONG!! So, do I vectorize, rasterize, or pasterize Where can I learn to do this and how difficult is it to do? Help :thumbsup: Thanx PT
  7. signwerx

    high end 48" plotter

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 48" plotter to compliment my 48"Prismjet. It seems I paid for a 48" plotter and was shipped a 42". SW dropped the ball. This is the first time I've had a problem with them. They want another $1000 to get me my 48". I'm asking for a complete refund on $17,000 worth of equipment as I am rejecting the shipment in its' entirety. May be looking for a new system. What's the best cutter you have to offer in a 48". I need one asap. Help!!! PT
  8. signwerx

    on site blaster

    Thanx for the post guys. Look forward to checking all this stuff out. PT
  9. signwerx

    Laser engraver

    Sorry guys, been out of pocket. Primarily I need to engrave leather, stainless steel recepticle covers, manufactoring equipment plates, etc. Thx for the response. You guys are indeed, GREAT!! PT
  10. signwerx

    Projects over the years

    Enjoyed the pics Dude. Very talented. PT
  11. signwerx

    42" cutter

    Hey Guys, I currently have a Vinl Express Q24 that I love. Looking for a 42" for heavy truck graphics and thought I would buy from USC. Price is a consideration but I don't want any problems as I'm not a computer Guru. Please give me some guidance. Purchasing ASAP. Thx, PT
  12. signwerx

    Laser engraver

    Hey guys, I'm in the mkt for a Lazer engraver for under 10k. Anybody got any ideas? Currently looking at a Rayjet. Plan on purchasing before Christmas. Any help would be appreciated. THX, PT
  13. signwerx

    Q60 gone crazy...Help

    SW jumped right in there and fixed me up PT
  14. signwerx

    on site blaster

    Joe, Thx for the website. I will probably buy from them soon. Again, Thx. PT
  15. signwerx

    on site blaster

    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm still looking for an onsite blaster. Any help would be appreciated. PT