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  1. hi jay I don't have anything else at work to work with besides omega. I may have to create the font in ai then try to import that file to omega but I'll have to get access to ai from my sis just thought it should be simple importing a font into omega it just doesn't reconize the file. I thought I would ask maybe someone is familiar with this software it doesn't seem too user friendly kind of like the support. does anybody know this should be a simple operation?
  2. Ok I'm floundering trying to import a particular font into Gerber scientific Omega 2.51. Ineed to use a particular font Trajan Pro Bold for a sign I am trying to produce I need to cut the lettering out of sandblast material and blast redwood however I need to create the design first so I obtained the font from my sister via email copied font installed in font folder in the pc need it in Omega. looked through the book and seems as if it can convert True type fonts but doesn't mention open type fonts. I called gerber and got tech support who wouldn't answer a simple question without charging my credit card 65.00! anybody know if this open type font can be imported from the font folder on the pc into omega? also looking at sign lab 8 cut pro they say I can import this open type font into their software. Trajan Pro came from adobe photoshop. thanks sjordan
  3. sjordan

    cutting sandblast resist

    thanks for your reply to my questions I haven't purchased a machine as yet. at work we have a CE2000 60 I'm not sure what blade it has but will find out I read I need to use a 60 degree true or no? and I looked at the CE5000 60 in the specs it says max material thickness .25mm that's around .010 in I've found a supplier in San Diego he has Hartco 425 series at 22.5 mil thick around .023 I figured the 5000 wouldn't cut the .023,how can I cut thicker than the manufacturers max thickness spec? if I can then can I cut the Hartco on the CE2000? what other brands of cutters are quality equipment that will cut sandblast mask I have looked at the summacut series D75 their specs say it will cut .030 in sandblast mask they are 2499.00? If I can cut on the 2000 I can wait on purchase of machine right now. thanks for the info you are the only person who has given me any info that I can use. sjordan
  4. Hi everyone I'm new to plotter cutters I just cut last sunday on a graphtec CE2000 after reading the book and had an intro from a friend I started this all because I want to build a redwood sign for the state park I work at cut the letters out of sandblast resist on a plotter cutter and blast the background sounds simple huh? I contacted Graphtec and after reading some things asked them if the CE5000 would cut sandblast resist? I explained I knew very little and asked them about Tangential Emulation whether the CE5000 has this and asked wether it was a machine function or could be done through software such as smartcutpro which mentions their software has an overcut function. Graphtec said the CE 5000 will cut sandblast resist but didn't say how thick the machine would cut didn't say if the CE5000 had the TE function didn't saywether the TE is a hardware or software function they basically said I should buy the FC8000. Can't afford that being a rookie anyway can someone help straighten me out on this Tangential Emulation is it software or hardware thing and sandblast resist I've found 8mil 16mil and buttercut at .045 in anyone know what I would need to blast redwood signs and a supplier and can the CE5000 cut this media? also anyone familiar with smartcutpro by Digital art solutions? thanks to all who chime in sjordan