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  1. I need a longer serial cable, but which one to buy? I want to use a serial connection for my MH871 MKII. I've owned 3-4 of these cutters, and realize that serial is the best connection. I moved my office location and thought it was time to buy a new cutter. After all, the other one has been in use for about 5 years. Not bad for a $300 machine. The 8' cable that came with the machine works fine, that is if I want to sit on top of it while in use. I have a U shaped desk, and need an 15 foot cable to extend around the desk. I tried to extend the cable with a serial cable from a previous MH871, but that didn't work. After much aggravation, I found that the second cable didn't work at all, even when used by itself. I read in one of the threads that a Null Modem Serial Cable is what I need, so I bought one. It doesn't work, either. Only the cable that came with the machine works. So.....which cable should I purchase? Scott
  2. prestonservco

    Here's a sign for your shop.

  3. prestonservco

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    Nice work knockonwood
  4. prestonservco

    Here's a sign for your shop.

    Thanks for all the replies folks. I've been offline for awhile, starting another business. It's nice to see that this post is still active, and people make use of the signs!
  5. prestonservco

    Create Graphic with Transparent Background

    Thanks dude! I'll give it a try when I get home. Trying to upload graphics from this device is frustrating. Takes forever.
  6. prestonservco

    Create Graphic with Transparent Background

    This forum won't let me attach a file from my iPhone or iPad. Argh!
  7. prestonservco

    Create Graphic with Transparent Background

    I only have what can be accessed from the website, which I already published. It's The main logo. I have have to wait till I get home to access the high res file.
  8. prestonservco

    Create Graphic with Transparent Background

    I'm out of town till Wednesday and forgot to bring my laptop. Argh! So I'm stuck with my iPhone and no software. 300 I appreciate the offer and will take you up on it if I can't get 'er done. Jay, that's a good idea. It will probably work
  9. I'm trying to place a logo on a website, over a photo. However, when I export as a .jpg is automatically puts a white box around the graphic blocking the photo. How do I make the background transparent?
  10. prestonservco


    Thanks for posting this item.
  11. prestonservco

    Dislike Epson Workforce 1100

    I understand the benefit of CISS and would probably have gone that route if I knew about it in advance. It just seems odd that the Epson printer doesn't work with Epson Ink! Maybe I will sell it and order one through Cobra already setup.
  12. prestonservco

    Dislike Epson Workforce 1100

    Anyone else dislike the Epson Workforce 1100 printer? I read lots of positive comments....but, I don't really care for it. The ink is terribly expensive, and just about any inkjet printer can match the print quality. At least any inkjet that I've owned. I attempted to buy ink cartridges direct from Epson.....but, after 2 days of attempting to purchase on their website, I gave up. I don't remember what the problem was, I just remember trying many, many times. So, I purchased through a 3rd party. Still Epson brand though. I'm on the 3rd set of ink cartridges and this new set is unrecognizable by the printer. It's Epson brand, like all the ink before it, but none of the 3 colors will work. The software says that it's the wrong type or Non-Epson.....wrong. I've run through the "help" program to install new cartridges and troubleshoot, but still won't work. Thankfully I already purchased an HP Deskjet 8000 wide format printer. Haven't hooked it up yet, but hopefully it works better than this Epson dumpster filler I own.
  13. prestonservco

    New to vinyl cutting

    Personally, I like red. When I'm cutting mask for sandblasting, and the color doesn't matter, I use red. White seems to be the hardest to see.
  14. prestonservco


    Did you press any buttons on the cutter? Offline, Pause, etc.
  15. prestonservco

    Registration Marks

    Here's the one I use. Best of both worlds.