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    Anyone got skulls smoking cigars?

    I need some EPS' of skulls smoking cigars, being that I am a cigar smoker myself and a big skull fan. Any help would be appreciated
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    app tape

    Usually means it was a bad cut down from a bigger size, or the tape is old. Much more than a year and it is only good for lint and dog/cat hair removal from clothes. Put a roll in the closet and you can look like a million bucks on Friday night, but it isn't worth to try to use it for a vinyl job
  3. I had some PDFs sent to me to vectorize but when I open them it gives me a font missing error and some odd cryptic font as it's replacement. I tried a place instead of open, but the results were less than successful Do you just find the font and add it, or what do I do?
  4. steve worcester

    Illustrator CS4 PDF import font missing error

    I had them embed the fonts and then went to to fix their crappy 75 DPI clip art. Rebuilt some of it and got the job.
  5. steve worcester

    Using illustrator to cut GX24

    With Roland it is Cut Studio software and there is an Illustrator plug in that has a little window to send it to Cut Studio.
  6. steve worcester

    Illustrator CS4 PDF import font missing error

    I can't post it for copyright reasons. So far, from another post, got one of them in and was able to merge the clipping paths so it is good. The other, an image with text, the image is too low res and comes out real blocky. The third has some issues I can fix in deleting anchor points and moving others around. Thanks for the help
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    Illustrator CS4 PDF import font missing error

    Can you do that in the PDF maker? I open the PDF in Acrobat 9 standard and don't see those options
  8. steve worcester

    Roland GX24 cutting sandblast material

    If you can get this to work, please let us know. From the tests I have done, you either can't do it in one pass because there isn't enough down force, or the material is just too thick
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    Thanks to MARS, I looked on these pages and found a couple chameleons
  10. steve worcester

    Source for TransferRite 1504 clear tape

    This is an awesome tape for stencil and masking material, but I can only find it in large rolls or cases of large rolls. Anyone know who stocks it in under 24" or will cut it?
  11. steve worcester

    Vinyl recommendations for Airbrush mask on compound surfaces

    The signwarehouse house brand works good for this. The transfer tape is the trick. If you can fins TransferRite 1504, I would go with it, but it is hard to find in small sizes A good place for this info is here KustomKultureLounge