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  1. I quoted a set of 5 signs for my employer. All on coroplast (24" by 36") all say 'The coralville marriott welcomes ___________ please follow the arrows to your event' (the _____________ is a slide in frame that can hold the name of the group). Not too complicate. 2 colors; black and red. I quoted 215 including the 'slide in frames' (run about 3 a piece). Am I close? This is what Estimate told me. Aaron
  2. ambrummer

    My first paying job.

    Nice Mercedes! Yours??? Aaron
  3. ambrummer

    Wrecker we did last night

    Looks fantastic!!!
  4. ambrummer

    2005 Mustang GT

    looks fantastic!
  5. ambrummer

    couple magnets i done

    looks nice!
  6. ambrummer

    First cut and install

    looks great!
  7. ambrummer

    A little bit of everything

    Looks GREAT! Love the Ying Yang!
  8. ambrummer

    Some more vinyl work.

    I like the banner!
  9. ambrummer

    Can you guess?

    cool post!
  10. personally I think it would be easier to do a large piece in multiple tiles than to take on ONE huge piece.... but that's just me Go with the smaller of the two... These things DO take up more space than you'd expect. Aaron
  11. EstiMate says $1346.52... with the 40% wholesale discount! Don't know how that sounds cuz I've never had an order like this!
  12. ambrummer

    First SMALL gig.

    The font was ParkAvenue
  13. ambrummer

    Just Having Fun

    probably the closest I'd ever get to a vette too! My wife bought me a toy motorcycle last year for christmas... basically saying.... 'not gonna happen bucko' :'(
  14. ambrummer

    First try at vinyl on a wall.

    Sahweet! And nice Simpsons boxers lol...