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  1. Yeah it was alittle intimidating but it's just like installing many smaller decals. The longest one was 78" long. I dry installed everything except the back half of the hood (I center hinged it) I tried to do it dry but with the overall length and having the air filter housing and running in to everything else, I couldn't get it to lay down without sticking to itself.
  2. How does the cutting strip look? Does it sink down or is damaged where you are having trouble?
  3. Here's the final one of the trucks. This truck is bright red with flat black stripes and silver pinstripes.
  4. I think this one turned out nice. It was alot of fun getting the experience of layer all of the decals. I used @Wildgoose parchment paper trick and it worked like a charm.
  5. I did the install on the 2nd of the 3 trucks over the weekend. This truck is burnt orange metallic with a champagne metallic stripe and black pin stripe. Here are the pics
  6. I use scalp also and have had this same issue but with a laserpoint II. I see in the lower right corner of the cutting mat, there is a what looks like more text. Even tho it's not on the cutting mat I have had it where the software will send that to the cutter even though it's off the mat. mine will just cut like crazy along the edge untill it reaches the amount of data that was sent and then go back and finish the design. Not sure if that is what you have but you could try cutting and pasting just what you want cut into a new page and seeing if it still does it.
  7. I don't use VM (SCALP for me) but is there somewhere (maybe where the drop down menu that currently says default) that says monochrome? Rather the colors that it's tracing in now?
  8. I just received a call from the gentleman that owns the trucking company. He said he has 2 more trucks he wants done with the same design but with different colors!!
  9. I made the install over the weekend. It went alot better then I thought thanks to the help I received here. Here are the pictures
  10. Oh wow thats an amazing trick you just showed thanks a million for sharing that @jmas I will definitely be using the second method on this install!!
  11. I'm thinking of using it to transfer the level line along the sleeper to the hood since there's nothing there to go off of
  12. I am wonder what would be the best way to install this orange stripe? I have the thought of using a Transit to get a level line down the entire rig. Starting at the front and just working my way back. I'm not sure if there is a better way. Does anyone have any experience installing something like this where there isn't a consistent body line to measure off of.