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  1. Is the 24” PCut a stepper or servo type motor? Thanks
  2. mudeater18

    Font Help. Thanks in Advance

    That's it. Appreciate the help.
  3. mudeater18

    Font Help. Thanks in Advance

    Looking for the font used in " Becky Brandenburg". Thanks again
  4. mudeater18

    Help Identifying Font

    Thank you Sir. Much appreciated. Now to find it.
  5. mudeater18

    Font help needed

    Not exact, but with a small amount of editing "Komikahuna" would work.
  6. mudeater18

    Help Identifying Font

    Looking for the font for "Raceday". Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. mudeater18

    Need Font Help

    Thanks guys. I agree. I used to have that in my library, but it seems to have left Me. Thanks again.
  8. mudeater18

    Need Font Help

    Try now.
  9. mudeater18

    Need Font Help

    I know I've had this font before, but can't seem to find it. Looking for help with "Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC" and phone #. Not fond of it my self, but that's what the customer wants.Thanks in advance!
  10. mudeater18

    Enclosed trailer and truck

    That's what I thought but I see 2 bottles in his trailer pic and was wondering.
  11. mudeater18

    Enclosed trailer and truck

    Looks good. Are you using Windex as a application fluid? Does that work? Never tried it. Sure would save money if it worked.
  12. mudeater18

    How do I adjust "Weed Border" size ???

    That was it. Thanks so much. I thought I had looked everywhere but never would have thought of that. You would think it would be advanced tab right beside the weed border check box and the easy weed margin setting. Thanks again, David.
  13. mudeater18

    How do I adjust "Weed Border" size ???

    How do I adjust "Weed Border" size in Flexi 7.0 V.2.? Mine has suddenly gotten smaller and sometimes cuts into my job. I don't seem to have the "Options" tab that the newer versions have. Any help appreciated.
  14. mudeater18

    2014 Chevy PU layout dimensions?

    Here's a .ai file for a 2014 Chev Reg cab, long bed. I just bought a Mr. Clipart Vehicle Outline CD. It didn't have the semi trucks I needed on it, so I had to buy a different brand. I'd like to sell it if you need one. I paid $139 for it two weeks ago. I'll take $100 for it. Has over 70,000 vehicles and it includes 1 free year of unlimited downloads to all clipart from their website. 859-200-2410.
  15. mudeater18

    Please Help soon :(

    Wingdings and webdings are fonts that are made up of symbols.