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  1. I just went from an older USC Laser cut that was giving me trouble to a new SC 24". My goodness! This thing is outrageously loud. I thought my old one was loud, but this thing is ridiculous. I was cutting Siser Easy Weed and my family had to come in to see if a plane was landing or something. Is this a normal thing, or do I have a brand-new defect?
  2. Pastimes

    Cutting out a complex graphic

    Thanks for the suggestions. But perhaps I am not putting my question correctly. I designed the graphic in PaintShop Pro as a .tif then imported it into Corel Draw X4 (which is still new to me) for the vectorizing part. However, the tracing function degrades the image too much (its even worse in SignBlazer). So I am probably putting the cart before the horse in regards to the contour cutting question, since I have yet to get the quality I need outputted for cutting. Any suggestions here? Thanks.
  3. Pastimes

    Cutting out a complex graphic

    I really hope this question is not repetitive, but I could not find an answer via search. I have a complex-shaped, multi-colored graphic that is about 6" x8". I want to print it on opaque transfer paper and simply "cut it out" with my LaserPoint. In other words, I don't want to cut into the graphic, just around the outline of it. It is not just a shape to cut out nor is it just a silouhette. It seems like such a common thing, but the steps to do it seem to evade me. I would appreciate some help, links, etc. to guide me through this process. Thank you!!
  4. Not sure if this should be posted under "Vinyl" or "Cutters", but here goes: I've cut a lot of heat press vinyl and moved into sign vinyl (specifically Oracal 651). What is happening is that the grit texture from the cutter's roller is being embedded by the rubber pinch rollers into the vinyl itself. It actually mars the surface of the vinyl the length of the cut on both sides! I use the Lasercut 24". There is no tension adjustment for the pinch roller and this does not happen with heat transfer vinyl. I'm careful to have slack on the vinyl so that it's not being pulled too tightly. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here? It's becoming a costly problem. Thanks!
  5. Pastimes

    Any places that sell by the yard or foot?

    I've been happy with Specialty Graphics ( Prices are reasonable for being by the foot. As always though, one has to watch the shipping.
  6. Pastimes

    Suggestions for vinyl for graphics on glass?

    Great info. Thanks so much to everyone!
  7. Pastimes

    Suggestions for vinyl for graphics on glass?

    Thanks for this info. Also, being new to "sign vinyl", can anyone offer a bit more info in regards to the need for tape, or other accessories to make it consumer friendly?
  8. I'm expanding from vinyl on apparel to vinyl on auto window glass (a bit of a jump). The concept is to create graphic designs and text no larger than a bumper sticker size, that can be easily applied by the consumer onto their auto glass. I am hoping for some recommendations as to which vinyl (color would be predominantly white) that can be "consumer packaged" and "consumer friendly" for easy application, such as self-adhesive. Thanks for any help with this.
  9. This is some excellent info. Is this the "new and improved" setup routine? This one is quite thorough and detailed. Thanks! Chris
  10. Pastimes

    Serial Port or USB

    Can you send me one of THOSE cutters?Mine is a persnickety little thing on USB.
  11. Despite being computer savvy, my new LaserPoint 24" installation has humbled, humiliated and irritated me far more than it should. I experienced most of the negative issues found in the forums (I didn't think that any of these problems would happen to ME..hah..hah...) That said, I am not giving up on it. My first several cuts were pretty impressive. I THINK that I have worked through most of the glitches except for one: I continue to have Windows XP prompt the Found New Hardware routine upon boot up. When I go into Device Mngr., there is the "yellow- icon-of-the-unknown-hardware" showing up. Windows does not find the driver on the Bannana/Rose Disc and I did install SignBlazer from the included disc. Can any of you smart folks steer me in the right direction here?