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  1. How to enter the LOADER Menu if this is not working? "Turn ON the power for the plotter while pressing the Left Arrow Key and the Right Arrow Key. Press keys until the [LOADER V.***] menu is displayed ." this picture was taken when the machine control panel was not working correctly and it was displaying random text. I will like to know how can I enter the loader menu I’m following the instruction from the service manual but it will not work, thank the plotter is a SSK DesignTech 60 that is similar to the CE3000-60 and the ve Qe60+ series vinyl plotter. Thank you all!
  2. aguilar

    Unknown name of design

    thanks Heartbeat wine.CDR
  3. aguilar

    Unknown name of design

    so it is call EKG. Thanks so much !
  4. aguilar

    Unknown name of design

    hi will like to know how this design is call and if someone here knows were can i buy a vector format thanks !
  5. aguilar

    what is Novram Init ?

    Follow these steps to reset your Graphtec cutter to Factory Defaults. 1 Press and hold the UP arrow while powering on the cutter. 2 Release the arrow after a few seconds or when the cutter displays : 3 Press 1 for Default Settings 4 Press 1 for Set Default 5 Press 1 to Continue and the cutter will go back to factory defaults. The cutter will display the following screen for a few seconds, indicating that it has been reset to factory default settings. 6 Once the display returns to the Default Setting screen make the following changes: • Select #3 and set the Command to HP-GL. Press Enter to save the setting. • Select #4 and set the Length Unit to Inches. Press Enter to save the setting. After completing those steps turn the cutter off. Wait a second or two then power the cutter on as normal.
  6. Anyone that can help it was working excellent months ago and yesterday the error, I was using a laptop for printing on a hp and plotter and send some jobs, finish and disconnected the plotter printer and connected the plotter all using a USB cable and the error occurred any help wil be great the plotter is a old graphtec ce-3000 60 IMG_0699.HEIC IMG_0700.HEIC IMG_0704.HEIC IMG_0706.HEIC IMG_0714.HEIC IMG_0715.HEIC IMG_0717.HEIC IMG_0719.HEIC
  7. aguilar

    Printable vinyl

    is this a good vinyl ? GreenStar 3mil Aqueous Adhesive Backed White Matte Vinyl does anyone have a picture to see the finish product ?
  8. new link thanks to all for your support and help to get more space !
  9. aguilar

    Pc 50 Printing error

    This is the report that I got ( there's something that reads "Line spacing adjustment level : -2
  10. aguilar

    Pc 50 Printing error

    I think it's only bad output settings
  11. aguilar

    Pc 50 Printing error

    Ok so I send something to print and it work great , but after it finish the ribbon got stuck, so I will be disassembling the head and manually lifting the head
  12. aguilar

    Pc 50 Printing error

    Ok so now the cartridge is not working fine it's getting stuck
  13. aguilar

    Pc 50 Printing error

    Thanks I remove the printing head and found some reflective vinyl stuck on the side of the print head