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  1. yes and it will not cut i cannot install it to my pc or laptop, i will trade it for a graphtec or Roland
  2. this cutter will not WORK whit graphtec software NEED to buy OMEGA SOFTWARE is uscutter selling this software? how much ?
  3. hi looking for help, trying to find the door size of the freight trucks ( volvo 2006 and international 2006) thanks to all !
  4. is it the same ?
  5. Now fix and ready to go !!!
  6. Thanks, plus I'm cutting using vinyl master the graphtec software !
  7. Thanks mfatty500, got it fix the blade holder was damage, plus there was a missing screw that hold the carriage belt
  8. will Cutting Master work with the gerber tempo 600?
  9. I'm doing test cuts befor I unscrew something this is the cut test result whit different offset + & -
  10. Will the belt be the problem that makes the cariage wiggle im afraid to remove something that will brake like the small connectors they have some silicon or glue in the cables
  11. Thanks mfatty500, Is ther a tutorial on how to do it ?
  12. Helping a friend fix a c5000-60 that the carriage is moving a lot like its loose it's ther a way to fix it ? Thanks !
  13. wow !!!! sheet feeding label system with Graphtec CE6000-40