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  1. gaylestuff

    PCUT skipping cuts

    I changed the blade and now my test rectangle didn't close. NVM this was operator error. I'm trying my sign again now.
  2. I've had this problem since my plotter was new, and have just lived with it. Now, it's over annoying. Occasionally my PCUT skips parts of cutting. For instance, The number 6 will be completly cut, but maybe about 3mm on the left side. Every time I make a sign or anything I have to look over the cuts with a magnifying glass and a razor in my hand to complete the cuts. I have read and re-read the help from Custom Racing decal. I have changed every setting there is to change. Is this normal for this machine? I' using the free SignBlazer Elements software. My settings are speed 60, press 105 (I've gone up to 160 without much difference, it just cuts deeper), offset .25 ( and you don't even want to know how many times I've changed that). The test rectangle cuts perfectly, and the majority of my sign is cut's just that it's NEVER 100% perfect. I ALWAYS have to cutout something with a razor blade. I'm looking at the sign I just made and the number 5, the entire bottom left portion of the number didn't cut out. But the rest of the number did. It's an 18.24 point font. The letter 'O' didn't close, the inside of the letter 'P' didn't cut completely. [