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  1. jhelms

    hey guys been missing a long time

    thx guys hope I can bring a little to the table now!
  2. hey guys i know i pop in once and a while been very busy at my regular job. and this second job with vinyl and etched glass is overwhelming. and sick family members and home repairs over last few years really hope im back to contribute now.. so sorry I know ive took more than i contribute but maybe I can contribute more now. hope i can help TTYL
  3. I build Commercial Buildings as a day job , vinyl by the nite and weekend, and my other Hobby I am a Chapter president of a christian motorcycle group and we are always on the go trying to do benifits for sick or needy an we support all local benefit rides, just trying to help out with something I enjoy doing
  4. jhelms

    Going insane

    I switched to serial by adding the Keyspan device and that helppped a lot especially on locaton of com port and speed of load to cutter
  5. I know you have to weld it but over the weekend I was doing cursive fon t and messed up 4 ft of vinyl still have a hard time learning this lesson So I know what you mean good luck jhelms
  6. jhelms

    Hi from VA.

    hello from NC
  7. jhelms

    Greetings all.

    hello fromNC
  8. jhelms

    Hello from NC

    Im Nc also 45 mins east of charlotte welcome
  9. jhelms

    SC equip

    I hav e adifferent machine a creation pcut but I ran usb and larger images was having problems but now I use usb to serial adapter uscutters sells I believe (I found mine on line before they did ) its called KEYSPAN I believe but I have no probs. now using laptop hope this could help Good luck jhelms
  10. jhelms

    Thanks uscutter

    I had an order from uscutter with several items included but they sent 2nd package out and ididnt recieve for a while I didnt need it bad so I kinda forgot about it but sent email and they replied usps delivery at my post office so I call post office so now usps has lost it so long story short uscutter sent it again and I recieved it this time so THANK YOU US CUTTER jhelms
  11. jhelms

    What is the best method for masking?

    I start my app. tape and stick it to my mat at edge and then I use a 24 inch paint guide with felt on it and then push at bottom of roll and I dont have problems you can buy these guides at harbor freight real cheap also keep a 12inch one around GOOD LUCK!
  12. jhelms

    Cancer Ribbon help

    Hope this helps its the one I used on a relay for life banner relay ribbon.EPS
  13. jhelms

    Application /transfer tape

    I use 60 degree blades on everthing small letters and designs do a lot better with 60 degree blades
  14. thats prob. me your talkin of and Ive been gone awhile not my choice almost 1 year due to major renovations ( my house falling in) , a lot changed while i was gone trying to get back in the game and needed some graphics and Im not bumming as youll see in my past I tryed to help when I could but I WAS THANKING THE ONES THAT CONTRIBUTED DIDNT KNOW iI HAD TO LOOK AT PROFILES TO GET GRAPHICS SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!!!!! and i will contribute now as much as possible just have to get the feel again Thanks jhelms
  15. does anyone have the lady fox head or the lady duck head both with bows Thanks Jhelms