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  1. Noted the new Autocad driver on the USCutter site - any doc's on this - how to install - do I go directly from Acad or from printer setup. Thanks Rick H
  2. rfhuber

    Cutting Tip Angles

    Thanks for the response. I am cutting chrome polyester Oracal 351 1 mil. I assume then the 45's I received with my 2500 are good to go. Rick H
  3. rfhuber

    Cutting Tip Angles

    New to this game and wondered what the correlation was, if any, of cutting tip angle to material? Why would I have different angles? Is wear a factor or what? Anyway would appreciate any input. Thanks! Rick H
  4. I purchased the Copam 2500 based on the information in the catalog that it will work with Autocad. It states that it will work with HPGL compatible programs like Autocad and mentions the driver to use HP4745 - I have had the Copam for about 2 months and to date have not been able to cut anything. I am using r14 and 2004 in Acad. Looks like I've made a mistake with this cutter unless someone can enlighten me as to how to make this work. If in fact it will not work with Autocad, then the catalog is wrong and it is being sold under false pretense. Just looking for some help, Please! Rick H
  5. rfhuber

    Chrome Polyester

    I will be cutting Chrome Polyester from 1 to 3mil thick -- I figure the carbide cutter is the best[ for this material as it is a bit abrasive. Does anyone have any experience with this and should I use the 45degree cutter or some other angle. This will be used on a Copam 24" Thanks for any help
  6. rfhuber

    Newbie - Software -Files - Materials

    Thanks for the response. Did go ahead and ordered the Copam...I'll just have to try it out to see what I can do. Thanks!! Rick H
  7. Hello all: Looking to purchase the 24" Copam - I will be cutting 1-2 mil chromed polyester or mylar, the cuts will be very simple, basically ovals - rounds - and strips - the widths will range from around .070 to .090in. Currently the drawings are created in AutoCad (r14) - I assume I can run the cutter from there or I can export into a DXF file. Are there any potential gotcha's or no'no's I should know about or plan for. Thanks in advance for any and all help Rickl H