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  1. PBR Allstar

    Help with this #11

    Any help is appreciated. Close is good enough.
  2. PBR Allstar

    Help ID this #2 ???

    I need an ID on this or suggestion for this font, especially the #2
  3. PBR Allstar

    Help ID this #2 ???

    I need an ID on this or suggestion for this font, especially the #2
  4. PBR Allstar

    Cutting issue with siser easyweed

    Thanks, I'll try some of those suggestions this evening. Is there any benefit to a 60* blade with the easyweed? And how much speed should I drop? Pinch rollers are okay, it's creation game little wave between the rollers and blade, not actually slipping the material. So the concensus is that I should be able to cut this detail on easyweed and I'm not wasting my time?
  5. So I'm having a little cutting issue with siser easyweed. As the rollers transfer the material I can see it bunch ever so slightly as it pushes the material towards the blade, this results in a tiny bit of slack when it changes direction. This is something I've noticed before, but it hasn't given me much issue until I went to cut this graphic that has some oval pinstripes around it. The oval is about 10" wide by 6" high and when it cuts I can't seem to get the lines parralel, they have a slight variation in thickness. I haven't goofed around with a ton of settings yet as I don't want to kill a bunch of material. The graphic cuts perfectly in vinyl so I know it's not the image. I might be trying something that just isn't possible with easyweed? Here's where I'm at right now: MH-refine 24" Sharp 45* blade. 300mm/s 50gram cut pressure Blade depth seems good, I can barely see the outline on a piece of backing
  6. PBR Allstar

    T shirt project from today

    Okay, the stuff I used years back had a hard time staying stuck on any thin lines, or sharp points.
  7. PBR Allstar

    T shirt project from today

    Been several years since I played with some cheap HTV, so I decided to get some siser and mess around. The graphic is from a race series I started then added a few graphics for a guy I sponsor engine work for. How is the durability of the siser easyweed? I applied it at 310 degrees (checked with a thermocouple) for 15 seconds using an old hobby lite press.
  8. PBR Allstar

    Need help with a #5

    A friend of mine wants to run this number 5 on his race kart in tribute to his dad that ran the number on his sprint car, unfortunately this was the best photo of the number he has and it's a bit out of my scope. Anyone have a similar font or want to take a stab at it for me?
  9. Yes, door is on a 3500 dodge single cab, graphic is 48" long.
  10. Local sign shop wanted $500+ for this job on two doors (it's in a pretty upper crust area). I did it for $300 cash and I almost feel bad. 48" wide, installed, no removal of old graphics. I don't normally do things for other people, just my own personal stuff, but this is making me rethink that a little.
  11. PBR Allstar

    trying to put an outline on this image

    Mb20, thanks a ton, that was an awesome tutorial!
  12. PBR Allstar

    trying to put an outline on this image

    overmyhead, tried that real quick, thought I had it then realized I was working in wire outline. Here is where I'm stuck now, see attatched file. Matilda.SBD
  13. PBR Allstar

    trying to put an outline on this image

    Mb20, no, that's all Ive been able to pull off. Overmyhead, I'll give that a try in a little bit.
  14. Okay, I'm trying to just put an outline around this image I drew, but I'm struggling with the typical inline/outline/expand features. I just want to do say a .05 perimeter outline with a .05 offset. When I try to do it all I can manage to do it outline every detail of the image, not just the perimeter. Can someone walk me through this one? Thanks, Ford. Matilda.SBD
  15. PBR Allstar

    transfer tape residue

    Thanks for the replies, I might be a little heavy on the squegee, maybe I should pick up a felt squegee? I'm using the RTape clear, medium tack and I'd like something a little less sticky to be honest. I do a lot of plastic go kart bodies which have a semi smooth finish, and you have to kill it with the squegee to get them to stick, but that's like a catch 22, works the vinyl even harder into the transfer tape. Any opinions on a low tack tape?