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  1. quick5pnt0

    Free samples of Siser

    I never even received any samples. Then I just requested a sample again and found this thread. Wouldn't have even wasted my time if I knew how lousy their samples are. I know everyone has their own opinion on this but IMHO it wouldn't really kill them to give a small 6"x8" sheet so you can get an idea of how easily the product cuts, weeds, and presses on. Oracle has been very generous with their samples and I in return have thanked them by buying their products. On the other hand 3M gave me the run around so I wouldn't even think of ordering from them again. Thats just the way it works.
  2. quick5pnt0

    Creation PCUT

    The cuts not closing is definitely the blade offset. Tearing up edges could be a combination of things but is most likely too much pressure.
  3. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    Yep I ordered the chip as well and it made a huge difference. On 10 it cuts incredibly slow which is funny since support told me that 50 on the newer machines was the same as 10 on the older ones...big fat lie. The combination of the new chip and a authentic Roland blade has made a big big difference. No more ripped up vinyl and the ability to cut tiny detailed decals. Finally this machine is usable, too bad it took five months to get it to this point.
  4. quick5pnt0

    Household recovering from H1N1....

    That sucks, sorry to hear it. Yea it seems like when the kids are in the mid teens they get over stuff like this like nothing. Years ago I had pneumonia that had me layed out for almost a month, but my younger brother who was about 15-17 at the time got over it in a few days like it was nothing.
  5. quick5pnt0

    MacTac Vinyl Samples

    Same here, after about four months no samples. I'm trying to think back I think MacTac may have emailed me saying I had to call them to tell them what I wanted a sample of (even though they already knew). Either way I never got anything.
  6. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    Honestly I think they should be ashamed to ask for anything for that chip. It's obvious to me that there is a defect in these machines if they are offering a chip to fix it. Imagine buying a new car and when it doesn't work as advertised the manufacturer tells you you have to buy a part from them to fix it. Not only does it lead me to believe they know it is a defect but also that they blatantly lied to me when I told them about this problem back in June. Instead of giving me the run around they should have stopped selling these machines until they solved the problem. Instead I, and numerous others, paid good money for a machine that is unusable when it come to small graphics...which is exactly what I bought it for.
  7. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    Same here. When I contacted Uscutter about it I got nothing but the run around. All I kept being told was that although they only go down to 50 that it is the same as 10 on the old machines. I don't buy it and no matter what I do I cannot get my machine to cut properly on anything even remotely small. I've pulled my hair out night after night without any real resolution. I even tried replacing the chinese blade with a genuine roland blade hoping that would help. Still can't cut small details without it destroying the letters.
  8. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    Crd: aren't the xy settings to correct dimensions compared to what is on the computer screen?
  9. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    Yea that's what it seems like to me as well. I've had another member also tell me that their recently purchased pcut goes down to 10.
  10. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    Can you check what firmware yours has? It should say it on the display when you turn it on. It is probably 4.xx thanks again
  11. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    I just contacted uscutter and they are claiming that there have been changes to the numerical scale and that it is supposed to only go down to 50. Anyone who recently purchased one want to chime in. What firmware version are you running and what speeds does yours go to? Uscutter claims that there is no difference because 50 is like 10 but I find that hard to believe. That would mean that there are only four speed settings instead of eight. Am I getting the run around?
  12. quick5pnt0

    Tearing up edges

    Thanks for the reply. Yes mine only goes down to 50. I believe it is a problem with this unit. It's definitely not double cutting I had that problem initially but it no longer does that. I think if I could slow it down more that may solve my problem but this machine won't go below 50.
  13. I need some help. I've had my pcut 24" for a couple of days not but no matter what I do I can't get it to cut nice clean lines. I'm trying to cut a domain name and some of the letters come out somewhat clean but with others it either doesn't complete the line or seems to cut into the letter slightly. If you look at the (lousy) picture I've attached you can see what I mean. You can see how it tore up the vinyl around both the outside and inside of O and the other letters have small tears on certain edges. Here are all the settings I've tried... Press 105-125 Speed 50-60 Offset 0-.30mm Blade: Half a credit card thickness, also tried less than that. I also tried checking to make sure nothing was stuck on the blade. Vinyl: Oracal 651 The only thing I can think of is maybe this machine can't cut this small. These domain names are 5" long by .40" tall. Unfortunately my pcut doesn't seem to go any slower, the lowest setting it has is 50 for speed. The manual says it can go down to 10 but no matter what I do it was only go from 50-80. BTW I've also attached the signblazer SBD file of the domain incase others with the same cutter would like to try it out for themselves. Thanks for the help! test.SBD test.SBD
  14. quick5pnt0

    Importing EPS files leads to missing elements

    OK, I'll do a search. Thanks for the quick help!
  15. I just got my pcut today and was looking through the manual and it says the lowest cutting speed is 10 but for some reason mine wont go below 50. It'll only go from 50 to 80. Anyone else experience this?