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  1. 32 minutes ago, Dakotagrafx said:

    updated my find my font and worked well just didn't find this one - is that from the 68 california special?  did you know they made a very similar High country special too?

    Yes that is the 68 California Special font used on the side panel.  Did not know it was on the High Country.. Good Info

  2. LNL.jpg.3da7adbab120d29814cacdd639b9efca.jpg

    On 8/26/2017 at 0:27 PM, Tenfour86 said:

    That's the problem with tracing applications.  They either work okay, or work horribly.  And they very rarely work great.

    Not sure what program you're using to trace.  The one built into Corel lets you make some adjustments for level of detail, sharpness, etc.  This helps mitigate the problem you're experiencing a bit by reducing the number of nodes it produces.

    This one is pretty simple, so a redraw wasn't too bad.


    LNL Soccer Logo.svg

    @Tenfour86 send me an email address that I can send a little something too..  Thank you  very much..  I really appreciate it. Not my day job or hobby :) @Dakotagrafx 

  3. 15 hours ago, Sue2 said:

    This is pretty close:



    Thank you Sue2, it off a bit but looks good closes I have found is DIN Schablonierschrift but still not close enough :( again thank you

  4. 10 minutes ago, Wildgoose said:

    Are you trying to simplify it into a single color or use all the different color layers it has in it?

    Remove all the single layers.  and make a single color like the tear drop.  On the Flower I am trying to make the branch/vein in the leaf white. 

  5. On 10/1/2016 at 9:44 AM, slice&dice said:

    My friend, you simply cannot get any updates or improvements to SBE.
     It is "ABANDONWARE" which means it is no longer supporterd or being improved -- the developer, Jerry Bonham, passed away years ago and all work on the program ceased at that point.

    You can pay $50 and obtain VinylMaster from USCUTTER, which is a great cutting/designing application, and there is ample support (including in these Forums, as they pay attention to the VM thread and reply accordingly).

    Just out of curiosity, what item of the SB greyed-out features are you especially interested in?


    On 10/1/2016 at 9:44 AM, slice&dice said:

    Some are the text functions.. I just like the way SBE is very user friendly.. I have VinylMaster LTR but, have not come around to using it much...