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    Vector Magic (Desktop)

    well good news.... I am getting the desktop version for under 100.00 bucks very cool. I am a student at UOP and been using there subscription.. I email them and I have a 50 credit and a educational discount.
  2. wickedstangs

    Sole Propritorship or LLC?

    I have heard that it is better to get and LLC for the sole purpose of below. "all LLC owners are protected from personal liability for business debts and claims. This means that if the business itself can't pay a creditor -- such as a supplier, a lender, or a landlord -- the creditor cannot legally come after and LLC member's house, car, or other personal possession. Because only LLC assets are used to pay off business debts, LLC owners stand to lose only the money that they've invested in the LLC."
  3. wickedstangs

    New Vectorizing Site

    Seen some of your work.. And they look real good. I need some stuff done can I get your site or email thanks
  4. wickedstangs

    Vectorizing Sites and Members

    Very nice just contacted excaliburcreations.com for some work... Thanks for the Post...
  5. wickedstangs

    Help please! Vectorizing this

    very cool skaredrow
  6. wickedstangs

    Help with fitting for a tshirt

    Dang skarekrow might need some help.. Looks good...
  7. wickedstangs

    USCutter's Phone Line Down?

    NVM just viewed this..
  8. I have been trying to call them all this morning and it rings and then stops ringing.. Anyone-else having trouble getting in touch with them? Thanks..
  9. wickedstangs

    Vector Magic (Desktop)

    Thanks everyone... Lots of work ahead of me..
  10. wickedstangs

    Vector Magic (Desktop)

    Do you all have any good reference for node editing? Its a pain in the butt on signblazer
  11. wickedstangs

    Does SignBlazer work with Graphtec CE6000-60?

    thanks everyone..
  12. All, Just purchased the Graptec CE6000-60 and want to know if SignBlazer works with it?
  13. Alright, Just like the topic title says. If you had 2000 dollars to spend which Vinyl Cutter would you get? was debating on the CE-6000-60 or the Roland GX-24 Desktop
  14. wickedstangs


    wow, thank you so much, I totally missed that.. Got it worked out now..
  15. wickedstangs


    Not Sure if its with Layering or with Vectoring. I know how to Vector the image, I am trying to get it ready for Different Vinyl Color Cutting but, it just does'nt not look right can you experts give me a hand. Thank you very much..
  16. wickedstangs

    Where do you get your garments?

    Just signed up with seller licence, what is a nice sturdy shirt to get?
  17. wickedstangs

    Where do you get your garments?

    are you still getting your garments at Sanmar?
  18. wickedstangs

    If you had 2K which Vinyl Cutter would you get?

    Alright everyone just ordered the Graphtech CE6000-60 hope it gets here soon. Thanks for all your help..
  19. wickedstangs

    If you had 2K which Vinyl Cutter would you get?

    Thanks everyone for all the great feedback... I would like to like all your post but, I have exceeded my likes
  20. wickedstangs

    If you had 2K which Vinyl Cutter would you get?

    Mz SKEETER good observation.. Yes I am planning on upgrading my PCUT with something new. I make my members shirts and decals. I have notice that sometimes this PCUT misses some areas and I have to cut twice. I am thinking that the Graphtec would be a good choice.
  21. wickedstangs

    Copyright / Trademark Question?

    Wow, very nice post Thank You.. Make me wonder now.. What if I design a better logo than the above? Its my logo and my design can it still be an infringement to trademark? Still not for sell just my personal use.. Just like BANNER JOHN said..
  22. Below is what I found on the above logo. My son plays for the Rebels Soccer Team and I made a shirt for my daughter using the font from dafont.com is this a no no? It not for sale just made one for my daughter http://www.dafont.com/search.php?q=ethnocentric&text=REBELS+Soccer I read this not sure? http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-protect.html#title
  23. wickedstangs

    Copyright / Trademark Question?

    Not going to sell them just made one for daughter and was going to make another for wife and I and don't want any issues. Reason I asked about the font is because, if I leave the font alone and just use it the way it is and instead of joining the L and S can they give me problems..
  24. wickedstangs

    Copyright / Trademark Question?

    The font is not copy righted is it?
  25. wickedstangs

    Copyright / Trademark Question?

    The only thing I see they changed from the font is the L and S they combined them. What if I make the same logo except without the combining of the L and S can I still get in trouble? It will look different:)