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  1. harmfulgraphics

    Help with font? Please and thanks!

    thanks for the help
  2. harmfulgraphics

    Help with font? Please and thanks!

    Whatthefont was no help and I've gone thur everything I have with no match. Anyone have an idea of what this is called?
  3. harmfulgraphics

    I'm done

    Placed a phone order last Tuesday (7/26/11) for grommets and was told they would be shipped that day. Was also told shipping would take about four days. So, here it is Monday (8/01/11) and no shipment. So, I call US Cutter again, 30 minutes on hold listening to the recording about how they care about their customers. Finally Benjamin answers, I explain about the order I placed. He then tells me that order is there but no payment has been made. I used a credit card the day I ordered! Ben tells me the guy that took the order must not have known how to process payment. I tell Ben my sob story of how I am now out of grommets and have jobs lined up waiting on them. My question to him was, if there was a problem why didn't anyone call me? If I had known there was a problem, I would have called back sooner but with shipping times....today should have been the day they got here. How was I to know US Cutter has a problem? So now we need to start all over again. I give Ben my order and credit card numbers again. Shortly there after Ben calls me back and tells me that the credit card isn't working and wants to know if I have another form of payment. I finally told him to just cancel everything. Jumped right onto the phone and called N. Glantz. My new grommet press and grommets are on the way, using the same credit card. Thanks you US Cutter for all your help.
  4. harmfulgraphics

    2010 camaro

    I'll find the file and post it soon. Need to do some digging to locate it.
  5. harmfulgraphics

    2010 camaro

    Boy this is an old one. I ended up measuring and came up with a stripe that worked. Thanks H
  6. harmfulgraphics

    Bad boy/ cool guy/ thug... cartoon guy

    These? bad boy.eps bad boy 2.eps bad boy.eps bad boy 2.eps
  7. harmfulgraphics

    I wrapped my Kitchen

    Cool idea, I like it! Harm
  8. harmfulgraphics

    Name this font?

    Thanks for the help! Sorry I used up so much of your day, I am ever so greatfull for your time. If you need help in the future, don't be afraid to ask. I'll do everything I can to do my part to help you out. Thanks again Harm
  9. harmfulgraphics

    Name this font?

    Anyone have an idea as to what the font is that the words AMERICAN STATIONERY is written in? I've tried croping it out and using whatthefont and came up blank. I've gone through every font I have one at a time and had a couple that were close on a letter or two but way off on others. Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me. Thanks Harm
  10. Maybe the needing to meet in person has something to do with it. I'm sure you aren't going to want to drive to the corn field I live in here in Indiana to talk to me face to face about making you some stickers. Harm
  11. Guess I better get some grommets. Thanks John Harm
  12. harmfulgraphics

    what do you do for a living?

    I sell quality used cars to support my bad habbit (eating).
  13. harmfulgraphics

    Magnets that are cut

    How many are you looking to have done? I use my Roland to print and cut magnets all the time.
  14. harmfulgraphics

    fs to eps

    Thanks for the offer. Mark hooked me up. Harm