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  1. I wanted to give it a few more days of actual use, but I am pleased. Pros: 15 month warranty (US Office in California) Much quieter than the PCUT(no loud fan) Auto edge find on material True USB & serial ports (cables included) Simple install of drivers Works with Corel Draw Smoother operation Price was right? 350 plus ship Came with extra cut strip Came with a desktop stand in addition to full stand VLCD Display on Computer (set force,speed,media, offset) I tell it what to cut and it actually does it Blade Holder has a "clamp on" instead of a screw to tighten. Cons: Tech support not so good (all depends who you speak with) Only came with 1 Blade New cutting software (had to learn it all over again) Rollers are nice and tight (but need to be in specific places to track correctly) Specific locations for rollers dont really line up with 15" material No manual over ride for auto detect on material I am still working with it daily, so will answer any questions if you have them. Over all it is a much higher quality than the Pcut and how can you go wrong for the price and warranty. I would definitely recomend it as a start-up cutter and a shop back-up.
  2. Thanks for the info, unfortunately that is the least of my cutter problems right now. My PCUT isnt working and no one has figured it out yet Thanks
  3. Just an update. I did order 1 of the GCC Expert 24 plotters and spoke to a rep at GCC. The main reason there is no info out there yet is because it is just to new a model to have any solid reviews. I appologize to US Cutter that I did not purchase from them, but after all the problems I have had with the PCUT and lack of funds to purchase a higher end machine I made the choice to try a different brand. It does come with a 15 monthg warranty at no extra cost to me so it just seemed like the right choice. Once I receive it and get set back up and using the Expert, I will gladly post a review of it. Maybe US Cutter will carry it in the future. At the price of $350 with the warranty from the manufacturer it just may be a smart choice. As far as my PCUT, I will take offers on it with or without the stand. It is a USB Model Only CR 730 Creation PCut. I have the original disc that came with it, but the Software (Signcut) Obviously is not transferable and only have a few months left on it anyway. Thanks for everyones help Scott
  4. Nancy, I'm probably not the best source because of my problems with my cutter, but From day 1 I had to re-set my cutter before each cut or it would do exactly what is happening to you. Try it and see. I know it is a PIA but it worked for me, just have to remember to hit reset on cutter before clicking cut out
  5. gonna wait and see tomorrow which 1 I order and if a stand comes with.
  6. I had a look at the feedback and those who bought it certainly seem to think highly of it. Generally, the pCut seems to be a good machine..I have one. It's mostly for back-up but when I have used it, it worked great. I think you need to explore the idea of geting the one you have fixed . I would like to get it fixed but need something that will work now and then see about fixing it. 100 plus shipping if anybody wants to screw with it
  7. It looks good, but absolutely no reviews or info about it. I hate to be the ginny-pig but from my experience with the PCUT, I don't really have much other options in this price range. I would love to drop 1k on a Graphtec, but just don't have the $$. My choices are to refund all my sales and get out or plunge back in with another lower end model. I here what your saying about the warranty thing. I think they are based in Japan, so that would be alot to ship both ways for any repairs. The sales person at signwarehouse talked me right out of there R series Vinyl Express (red sail). I think it would be worse than the PCUT. I guess my options are down to either the laser 24 from USCutter or the GCC Expert 24. And what the heck do I do with this 730 paperweight? LOL
  8. I know. The price I got this one for was a steal and like you said, I had to bid for a good 2 weeks to finally get one that slipped by everyone else. What do you think about the GCC Expert 24? I can Buy it now for 350 on Ebay. Scott
  9. Just came from there, nothing in Atlanta area
  10. I am now considering the GCC Expert 24". They are running about 300-350 on Ebay. GCC is a good plotter isnt it? Here is a you tube vid on it Here is the parent company site: 24 Any thoughts??
  11. I did try the super glue idea already. Thats what make me think this isn't my problem at all. I am confused on what to do. It was working great but useless the way it is. I can see a crack giving some flex and messing up on some alignments, but the results show more severe problems. I just cant see spending anymore than $100 to fix it, but still really have no idea of the problem. I just tried another desing and it cut perfectly, but another I can have it cut 3 or 4 of the same desing and get 90% of them be so out of wack and 1 that is almost perfect. If the crack was causing this, All of them should be very similar, but each 1 is a totally differnt mess up. Anyone have a good used cutter for sale around 300? I really need to get back up and running. Thanks again all Scott
  12. OK then what about the MH-871 from US cutter? Is this better, worse, same as the Pcut and VE r series.
  13. Hey all Having so many problems with mu pcut, I was considering a new cutter and was looking at the Vinyl Express R series from sign warehouse. Anyone have any comments on that brand? Good or bad in comparison to the PCUT 730 Thanks Scott
  14. Well, Im glad I'm not just crazy here. After taking the cover off of the carraige and inspecting it closely, I notices 2 cracks in the plastic. 1 that goes directly across where the belt attaches to it and another small crack right at the top left roller. I'm guessing it is flexing to much during cuts causing the eratic results. Its my only guess because we have tried everything else. There is no way to say for sure until I replace the parts. Thanks for everyones help Scott
  15. nope, carraige is fine. Motor seems to be slowing down the more I troubleshoot things. THIS SUX