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  1. emeister

    '55 Ford Pickup Mirror

    Yes, it was airbrushed. I used Createx Wicked colors. I appreciate all of the comments.
  2. emeister

    '55 Ford Pickup Mirror

    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the comments. Rob: I will keep your info for future use. Thanks!
  3. emeister

    '55 Ford Pickup Mirror

    Here is a mirror I did for a friend. Her dad built this truck years ago and still has it. Was featured in Truckin' magazine in 1986. The first picture is what I had to work with. The second one is after I blasted it and the third one is the completed mirror. I thought I could have done a better job but she thought it was great (her impression is the one that counts, of course). Was blasted from the back on an 11"x14" mirror. Her dad lives in Missouri and the title of the magazine article was Mo Flames.
  4. emeister

    Wedding Gifts

    A co-worker is getting married this Saturday (tried to talk him out of it ). Made these up for him. The mirror is 12" in diameter, sandblasted and painted on the back. There are 2 champagne glasses and 8 drinking glasses. They really do look better than what the pictures show, honest.
  5. emeister


    Here's a couple of 6"x6" tiles I've done. Used vinyl to cut the stencil. Painted with Createx Wicked Colors using an airbrush. Clear coated with a catalyzed urethane clear.
  6. emeister

    holiday sign

    Looks good.
  7. emeister

    First paying job

    Looking good!
  8. emeister

    another mirror

    Very nice!
  9. emeister

    Award Mirrors

    Thanks, everyone. They are painted on the back, also. I believe the shadow is a reflection of them on the ceiling when the flash went off. Also, when you look at them in person, the black lettering actual jumps out more than the silver lettering. This is what he wanted so that it emphasized the award category as well as the person receiving the award.
  10. emeister

    Award Mirrors

    Made these for the Loss Prevention Manager at the nearby Kohl's distribution center. They are 5x7, sandblasted from the back. Made nine of them but the ninth one was made after the picture was taken. They look a lot better than the picture shows.
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna have to take a road trip and come see your work. You can hide your trade secrets while I'm there.
  12. Your stuff always looks awesome. It has certainly inspired me. Just curious, how noisy is your on-site blaster? I would assume the bulk of the noise would come from the vacuum. Keep up the great work!
  13. emeister

    Need help vectorizing

    Not sure if what I want can be done, but I know there are some people on the forum who have done some fantastic jobs with this type of item. I would like the first truck vectored in a similar manner as the second one. It's way above my skill level. Thanks!
  14. emeister

    Desktop Nameplate

    Made it for a friends wife. Mirror is 2.5" x 12" inserted approx. 1/2" into the wood. Base is 2.5" x 12" x 0.75" oak. Sandblasted on the back, then put "etched vinyl" across the back to give the etched look. For those who do mirrors, what would you charge for something like this?